Past OER Grant Awards


Meg Blume-Kohout, Assistant Professor of Economics

Meg will be remixing an OER textbook for her section of ECON 103 – Principles of Microeconomics. 

William Bowman, Professor of History

Bill will be adopting an OER textbook for his course, History 110: Twentieth-Century World History, a foundational class for the history and IGS (International & Global Studies) major.

Natasha Gownaris, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Tasha will be remixing OER for her course ES 211- Principles of Ecology, which is a core course in the Environmental Studies major. This course is taught every fall semester and, on average, has an enrollment of 36-38 students.

Alice Brawley Newlin, Assistant Professor of Management, & Marta Maras, Assistant Professor of Management

Alice and Marta will be remixing OER for their course MGT 235 – Statistical Methods. They are the only faculty members who currently teach this course a total of six times per year, with 20 students per section. With a total reach of 120 students, these OER changes will impact many students and have a long-lasting impact on the management department.

Christopher Oechler, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Christopher will be remixing OER for his course SPAN 301 – Spanish Composition, Conversation and Culture: Topics. This course is taught every semester and in Academic Year 2021, a total of 84 students were enrolled.

Kimberly Spayd, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Kim will be remixing OER for her course MATH 225: Differential Equations. She will teach three sections of MATH 225 for the upcoming Academic Year and anticipates the savings from this remix affecting about 50 students.

Alecea Standlee, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Alecea will be remixing OER for her course SOC 296- Introduction to Sociological Theory. She teaches this course every semester to about 40 students total and it is a required course for both sociology majors and minors.