Teaching Squares

The Teaching Squares program allows faculty to engage in longer term interaction and follow-up while encouraging conversation about teaching across disciplines. It allows consultation, peer learning, and sharing of ideas in a positive, non-evaluative setting. A Teaching Square is made up of four faculty from different departments or programs. Participants agree to sit in on one another’s classes during a semester, preferably within a two to four week period. The goal is to learn from one another, share ideas, address concerns, gain insight into teaching techniques that might be adapted to the observer’s classes, and reflect on one’s own teaching practice.

A Teaching Square may be formed at any time during the semester as long as there is enough time for the class visits and follow-up meetings. All faculty and administrators who teach are eligible to be part of a Teaching Square.The JCCTL provides the members of a Teaching Square a set of gift cards that may be used at The Atrium or other campus eateries.


A short report must be submitted at the end of the semester. Future application for JCCTL funding is contingent on submission of reports for previous funding. (Report form)