Traffic and parking regulations

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Parking lot designations

Bream Gym Lot

  • Employee: Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bream Gym Lot

  • Employee: Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Carlisle Street Residents with permits: 24 hours

Constitution Lot – North/East Sections

Huber Lot:

  • Employee: 24 hours

Masters Lot:

Students parked between 4 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, will be subjected to ticketing and towing

  • Employee: 24 hours
  • Campus Student Permits:
    • Monday through Thursday, 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.
    • Friday 6 p.m. through Monday 4 a.m.
  • Visitor parking at designated signs: 24 hours

Stadium Lot – North/South/West Sections

  • North Section
    • Row 1: Commuter designated spaces, 24 hours
    • Rows 2 & 3: Campus Student Permits, 24 hours
    • Rows 4 & 5: Employee, 24 hours
    • Row 6: Visitor parking at designated spaces, 24 hours
    • Seminary spaces
    • President Inn spaces
  • South Section: Campus Student Permits, 24 hours
  • West Section:
    • Campus Student Permits, 24 hours
    • First Year Student Permits, 24 hours

Stone Lot:

  • Employee: 24 hours
  • Campus Student Permits: 24 hours
  • Commuter Student Permits: 24 hours
  • Rows 1 & 2: Daily Parking only
  • Seminary spaces
  • President Inn spaces

Disability Parking Areas:

The following parking lots have marked disability parking available.

Resident Parking Program with permits: 24 hours

  • 157 N. Washington St.
  • 209 N. Washington St.
  • Appleford
  • Phi Delta Theta

Temporary Parking Areas: no overnight parking

  • McKnight Lot: Posted, 30-minute spaces
  • Ice House Area: Posted, 15-minute spaces

Visitor Parking Areas: overnight visitors must register at the the Public Safety Office

  • Admissions Lot: No overnight parking, 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Constitution Lot: at designated spaces, 24 hours
  • Stadium Lot - North Section: at designated spaces, 24 hours
  • Masters Lot: at designated spaces, 24 hours

Campus Roadways and Fire Lanes

There is no parking on or along any campus roadways, access drives, sidewalks, grass areas, and driveways at any time, for any reason. Violators will be ticketed and may be towed.

Borough of Gettysburg Streets

Adjoining streets and roadways that are maintained and controlled by the Borough of Gettysburg have many restrictions, which are strictly enforced by the Gettysburg Borough Parking and Police Departments. Violators are subject to fines and penalties resulting from citations. Failure to pay these fines and penalties may result in a warrant for the violator’s arrest.

Parking regulations map
Parking map for 2021–22

Be safe on campus

Public Safety would like to make your stay at Gettysburg College as safe and enjoyable as possible. There are several programs offered to the campus community in an effort to assist in your safety. Please feel free to use these services.

  • Campus Emergencies: Dial 717.337.6911 (6911 from any campus phone)
  • Bicycle Registration: Register your bike for free at our Public Safety office or online from CNAV
  • Crime Prevention Unit: Call 717.337.6912 (6912 from any campus phone) for information
  • Safety Escorts: Call 717.337.6912 (6912 from any campus phone) for an officer to walk you to any college parking lot and/or building during hours of darkness

Ample parking for the Gettysburg College Community is available at several sites on campus. Please refer to the map on the reverse side of this brochure to assist you in finding these areas. In an effort to cooperate with the Gettysburg Borough, College community members are encouraged to park on the Gettysburg College property. All lots require a Gettysburg College parking permit. All paved parking lots have clearly marked parking spaces for maximum efficiency. Please park within those marked spaces. All other areas that are not marked for parking are not designed to handle parked vehicles. If you have special needs or a situation regarding parking or access, please contact Public Safety at 717.337.6912.

Public Safety Officers patrol the parking lots daily and enforce parking regulations as much as possible. The overall goal of enforcement measures is to provide a safe environment for the college community. Access to the campus property by emergency vehicles, daily deliveries, contract services and other service-oriented vehicles are vital to the campus community.

Employees, students, and visitors who park their vehicles on the Gettysburg College campus do so at their own risk. Individuals are protected only by as much insurance as they have elected to carry on their own policies. The College cannot reimburse anyone for any damage or loss they may experience on their automobiles from vandalism, accidents, or adverse weather.

Parking Regulations may be adjusted during the year to accommodate construction projects. Advanced notice will be given when situations arise.


Visitor parking permits are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A valid driver's license or college identification card, and a vehicle registration card are needed to register your vehicle at Public Safety. Students and employees must first register their vehicle by logging into CNAV and, from the My Place drop-down options, choose Public Safety Forms > Vehicle or Bicycle Registration. Other parking information is available at Traffic & Parking information. There is a fee for student parking per academic year of $100, which will be billed directly to the student account. Public Safety will notify by email those who register with instructions to pick up the permit.

Permit Placement: All student parking permits are to be displayed on the outside of the rear window on the left corner of the window, such that it does not obstruct the vision of the operator. If a vehicle is a convertible, place the sticker on the driver side of the side window nearest the rear corner of the vehicle. All permits must be placed in plain view, clearly visible from outside of the vehicle.

Failure to obtain and display a permit at all times will result in the following:

  • 1st Offense Written Warning and a $100 vehicle registration fee
  • 2nd Offense $100.00 fine
  • 3rd Offense $200.00 fine and vehicle may be booted and/or towed. If booted, the vehicle will remain booted until the owner pays all fines during normal business hours. Charging fines to an account is not permitted.

Employee Permits

All full- and part-time employee vehicles must display a permit. This issued permit is valid as long as the employee remains an employee at Gettysburg College. This permit is to be displayed on the rearview mirror while on the campus property. The following parking lots are designated for employee parking: Bream Gym, Masters, Stadium North, Constitution, and Huber Lots; 339 Carlisle St.; and Stone Lot-Daily parking.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Parking (LEED)

Employees may park in LEED-, carpool-, and hybrid-designated spaces by obtaining a LEED permit issued by Public Safety. Qualifying vehicles must be on the approved LEED list. Employees should email to request a permit; the type and model of vehicle must be provided. For carpooling requests, the names of other employees who are participating must be provided. Designated spaces are available in Masters, Bream, and CEP Lots.

Student Permits

All students who own and/or operate a vehicle in the Gettysburg Area MUST register their vehicle. This includes students who live in off-campus housing and fraternity houses. The parking philosophy is to limit students from driving throughout campus as a form of convenience rather than necessity; thereby, providing ample parking for commuting staff, administrators, faculty members, and visitors.

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Student Permits

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be permitted to park in the following parking areas: Stadium North, South, and West sections; Constitution Lot, rows 7 & 8; and Stone Lot. Signs at the entrances will indicate Student Parking. The registration fee for this permit is $100.00 per academic year. Students who are in the Study Abroad program, Civil War studies, and winter graduates will be charged $50.00 for one semester. Any student who withdraws for any reason will not be eligible for a refund or discount.

First-Year Student Permits

Parking for FYSs is limited and available in accordance with these guidelines. First-year students are permitted to bring a vehicle to campus if approved. FYSs may apply by submitting a written request to the Department of Public Safety (see below), and must specify a medical or educational purpose that necessitates the FYS to possess a vehicle on campus. Exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis in advance of the student bringing their vehicle to Gettysburg. If an exception is granted, then the student will be limited to park only within the Stadium Lot West parking area along Constitution Avenue, and the student must pay the annual registration fee of $100.00. The owner/operator of any vehicle found parked in another location on campus will be fined a minimum of $30.00, and the vehicle will be subject to towing and subsequent fines and/or penalties – up to and including loss of parking privileges. Any FYS found to have a vehicle on campus without prior approval, after three separate occasions/warnings will not be permitted to submit a request for their sophomore year.

Note: Written requests to Public Safety may be submitted by email to, or faxed to (717) 337-6945.

Any first-year student found to have an unauthorized vehicle on campus will be subject to the following penalties:

  • 1st Offense: $150 fine plus one additional semester of loss of parking privileges (i.e.: Fall Semester Sophomore Year)
  • 2nd Offense: $300 fine plus one additional semester of loss of parking privileges (i.e.: Spring Semester of Sophomore Year)
  • 3rd Offense: Loss of parking privileges for entire Junior Year

Commuter Student Permit

Students who reside outside of Gettysburg Borough and commute daily to their classes and activities are able to receive a Commuter Student permit for a registration fee of $20.00 per academic year. This permit limits commuter student parking to the Constitution North, Stadium West, and Stone Lots.

Resident Parking Permit

157 & 209 North Washington St., Appleford, and Phi Delta Theta residents will require a residential parking permit in addition to their Student permit. These areas are regulated by Borough zoning ordinances. This program is coordinated through the Residence Life and Greek Life offices.

Carlisle Street Resident Permit

Residents of 223 & 227 Carlisle St., 343 Carlisle St., Albaugh, Bregenzer, Carlisle House, Colonial, Corner Cottage, Lahm, Lamp Post, Paxton, Sigma Chi, and Smyser will be issued a Carlisle Street Permit to allow them to park in one of the following parking lots: 223 & 227 Carlisle St., 343 Carlisle St., Colonial, Corner Cottage, Lahm, Lamp Post, Paxton, or Smyser. Students eligible for this parking program must register their vehicle and purchase and display a Student parking permit. Non-residents are not eligible.

President Inn and Seminary Permits

Residents will be issued one hangtag per room that will allow roommates to share that hangtag to park in these sites. Students must register their vehicle, purchase and display a Student parking permit, and park in President Inn- and Seminary-designated spaces when on campus.

Disability Permits

A temporary disability permit is available for a period of seven days. Any long-term requests for a permit must be submitted in writing to with supporting documentation from a medical physician. These permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror, when parked in a handicapped space in a campus parking lot. These permits are not valid for Borough of Gettysburg street parking.

Special Permits

Vendors and contractors can obtain a special permit for providing services to the campus by emailing Such permits must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are available for students and employees who already have a vehicle registered and valid parking permit. Temporary permits are for short periods of time when the primary vehicle is unavailable. Students are eligible to obtain a temporary permit for a secondary vehicle during the year, but must have paid the parking fee for that semester. Temporary permits will not be permitted between breaks, such as Thanksgiving and Winter breaks, unless the registration fee has been paid.

Visitor Permits

All persons visiting the College for a period of more than four hours are required to register their vehicle at the Public Safety Office at 51 West Stevens St. Visitor permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror. All students and employees are responsible for their guests and may be held responsible for any violations accumulated by their guests. Daily visitor parking is located at the Admissions Office, and in designated spaces in Constitution, Masters, and Stadium North Lots. Overnight visitor parking requires a Visitor permit and vehicles must park in designated spaces at Constitution, Masters, and Stadium North Lots. Students and employees are not considered visitors and are not eligible for visitor parking permits, or parking in those visitor spaces for any reason.

Parking regulations and fines

The Department of Public Safety may tow a vehicle violating any of the below offenses without prior notice to the owner. All towing fees are at the expense of the owner/operator. Failure to pay the tow fees may result in further charges.

Offense and Fine

Type Description Amount
A Fire Lanes and Hydrants – all driveways, roadways, walkways are not intended for parking and need to be kept open $100.00
B Blocking or Obstructing Trash Dumpsters – it is vital that these areas are open at all times, for health and safety concerns $50.00
C Disability Spaces – all spaces are marked and require a permit or state-issued plate or permit $100.00
D No Parking Zones – clearly marked by signs or striped lines $30.00
E Blocking or Obstructing Entrances, Exits, and Vehicles – there are no legal parking spaces that would block anything $30.00
F Grass or Seeded Areas – all legal spaces on campus are either marked on pavement or in a stone parking lot $30.00
G Posted Spaces or Areas – service spaces, visitor spaces, time limited, or any area that is marked by a sign, such as Employee Parking and No Parking from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. $30.00
H Double Parking – vehicles that double park or take space for more than one vehicle $50.00

Moving violations

It is expected that all drivers of motor vehicles drive their vehicle safely on campus and obey the directions of Public Safety Officers performing their duties.

Offense and Fine

Type Description Amount
A Failure to Stop at Stop Signs – vehicles must come to a full and complete stop $50.00
B Too Fast for Conditions – the recommended speed on campus is 15 miles per hour. Any unsafe driving on roadways and in parking lots may result in a moving violation $50.00
C Overloading and/or Riding Outside – this activity is considered unsafe and dangerous $50.00
D Careless or Reckless Manner – operating a vehicle on campus without regard for the rights and/or safety of others or damaging property $50.00
E Driving on Walkways, Sidewalks, and Lawns – there are designated access points for service and delivery vehicles that are not open to public transportation. If someone has an access need to a campus building, please contact Public Safety for guidance. $50.00

Loss of privileges

Any person receiving more than six parking citations within one academic year will automatically lose their parking privileges upon receiving the seventh citation. A letter will be sent to the person shortly after being issued the fourth citation advising them of the loss of privileges policies. Automatic loss will occur without notification upon receiving the seventh citation. Any additional citations issued after the loss of privileges has been invoked will result in the owner/operator being subject to a $250.00 fine from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and towing or booting of the vehicle by Public Safety.

Any person who has lost their parking privileges may file a written request at the Public Safety office to have their privileges reinstated in a limited fashion. Reinstatement, if approved, would result in a restriction for the remainder of the academic year with the understanding that any further violations will result in "Complete" loss of privileges for the remainder of that academic year.

Any person receiving loss of privilege violations in one academic year is subject to judicial sanctions.

Payments and penalties

Vehicle registration fees are charged directly to student accounts. All citation fines are to be paid at the Financial Services Office, located in Pennsylvania Hall. Public Safety does not accept payments. A copy of the citation should be presented to the Financial Services Office with the payment. All unpaid citations will be directly charged to each student's account or each employee's payroll account. The College reserves the right to charge any delinquent fines a 1% penalty if not paid within 30 calendar days.

Vehicles may be booted for violations involving unregistered vehicles, loss of privileges, damage to property incidents, and for additional excessive violations. The parking boot will not be removed until after all fines have been paid to Financial Services. Any vehicles booted for three days in succession may be towed to an off-campus property at the owner's expense.

Appeal process

PUBLIC SAFETY WILL NOT ACCEPT VERBAL APPEALS. Appeal forms may be obtained at the Public Safety office. Completed forms must be submitted by the registered owner/operator within seven days of the citation date. All submitted appeals must contain the citation number, issuing date, location, violation offense, license plate, and make and color of the vehicle or the form will be considered incomplete and will be returned to the appellant.

The Traffic and Parking Hearing Officer will review all appeals within an average of two weeks of the appeal date and will determine if the appeal has valid basis and/or a legitimate issue. All appeals that have no valid basis or legitimate issue will be denied and returned to the appellant. Example: An appeal for being parked in front of a No Parking Anytime sign would not have any basis for an appeal.

Violations for disability spaces, fire lanes and hydrants, loss of privileges, booted or towed vehicles will not be permitted to be appealed and are considered final. Violations for students parking in Masters Lot between 4am and 6pm, Monday through Friday will not be permitted to be appealed and are considered final. Violations for students parking in Huber Lot will not be permitted to be appealed and are considered final.

The Traffic and Parking Appeals Board will be comprised of students, support staff, administrators, and a representative from the Department of Public Safety. If the appeal has a valid basis and or legitimate issue, the board may uphold the appeal or may request the appellant to appear for a hearing on the appeal. A hearing would be for such cases where additional information is needed or to discuss the issues presented in the appeal. The Board will base their decision on past history, present situations, and evidentiary information contained within the written appeal. The decision of the Board is final.

Receiving a citation

An owner/operator of a vehicle that is issued a citation will be notified by multiple means. The first method would be the issuing of a hard copy of the citation, placed on the windshield of the vehicle; the second method would be a copy of the citation sent in the campus mail. Public Safety is not responsible for the loss of hard copies from either the windshield or campus mail delivery system.

Parking on Borough streets

The college campus is surrounded by public streets owned and maintained by the Borough of Gettysburg. Many of the streets have parking enforcement measures placed on them. Metered streets are highly regulated, as well as the “No Parking from 2 am to 6 am” areas. Also, many streets have Resident Permit Parking Only after two hours. Please check the street signage very carefully to avoid violations on the Borough streets.

Public Safety, the Borough Police, and Parking Departments have formed a collaborative partnership to help reduce safety hazards that are created by illegally parked vehicles throughout the campus community. The Borough Parking Department handles all questions and appeals regarding Borough parking tickets and can be reached at 717.334.3222 or at 59 East High Street.

Location of exterior emergency phones on campus