President Inn Housing

This hall will not be available for student occupancy for the 2022-2023 academic year.

We are able to confirm that the college is continuing its lease agreement with the President Inn at 606 York Street through the 2021-2022 academic year. Only a short distance from campus, this property will provide an option for students to live in single rooms with a private bathroom. Parking will be available on site for those living there to have cars if they so desire. This option will be added to the online housing selection lottery and be available for room selection while spaces last.

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Students who live at the President Inn for the 2021-2022 academic year can expect the following amenities:

  • Furnished single bedroom
    Front view of President Inn
    • bed(s); one set of bed linens is provided
    • dresser
    • desk
    • chair
    • lamp
    • TV
    • phone (to call the front desk)
  • Private bathroom
  • Microfridge
  • WiFi internet access
  • Free college parking permit that will allow for parking both on campus and at the President Inn
  • Queen or king sized beds (noted on the floor plan for each room)
  • Elevator
  • Furnished common lounge area on the first floor

Rooms and cost

  • President Inn is billed at Housing Plan 1 ($4,850 per semester; $9,700 for the year)
  • The floor plans for President Inn are available to view at CNAV/MyHousing.
  • The floor plans also identify the size of the bed(s) in each room.

Meal plan requirement

  • Students living at the President Inn will be required to have a meal plan and will have access to all open dining venues on campus.
  • There is also a vending machine at the President Inn.
  • If students prefer not to go to campus for food for some meals, there is a Domino’s Pizza right next door to President Inn, and many local restaurants and delivery services deliver to President Inn.

Getting to and from Campus

  • Campus is accessible to the President Inn by sidewalks, so students are able to walk to campus.
  • There will also be bike racks at the President Inn and throughout campus, so students can choose to bike to campus.
  • Students can also drive to campus if they choose to do so. There is parking both at the President Inn, as well as on campus.
  • Rideshare services (specifically Uber) are available in Gettysburg, so students can obtain Uber services.
  • At this time, there will not be a campus shuttle service from the President Inn to campus. However, students can use the gray line of the public Rabbit Transit system for free with their student ID. For more information about Rabbit Transit, please click here.
  • The Department of Public Safety (DPS) also provides an escort service for students. Students simply need to call DPS at 717-337-6912. This service is often a walking escort. Please understand that depending on availability, there could be a wait time for this service.

Laundry at President Inn

  • A laundry room has been installed on the first floor of the President Inn
    Hallway in President Inn
  • The laundry room is cash only, and coins can be obtained at the front desk.
  • Each load is $1.50.
  • If students prefer, there is a Laundromat across the street from the President Inn.

Cleaning responsibility

  • Students are responsible for the cleaning of their rooms and bathrooms. There will be no hotel housekeeping service in student rooms and bathrooms.
  • Trash should be removed by the students to the outside dumpster.
  • There will be cleaning provided in the hotel common spaces.
  • Snow removal is provided of the sidewalks and parking lot.

Emotional Support Animals

  • Please note that animals are not permitted in this facility, including approved emotional support animals (ESAs). If you will have an approved ESA, please select housing from one of the many other options available on campus.

Residence Life Staff

  • There will be a Community Advisor (CA) living at the President Inn

Photos of a room

President Inn Room Interior View of Beds

President Inn Beds and Nightstand
President Inn Room Interior View
President Inn Doorway_Sink_Closet
President Inn Bathroom with shower