Petition Information for Winter Break Housing

All students are expected to leave campus by Sunday, November 22, at noon. Those students who cannot leave campus by November 22 will need to petition for approval to remain on campus. A small number of students will be approved to remain on campus for the final weeks of the fall semester and throughout the winter break.

If you are unable to leave campus by November 22, you can choose one of the options below.

  • Option 1: I need to remain on campus from November 22 until December 13 at the latest.
    • If you are requesting to remain on campus from November 22 - December 13 only, please complete this Late Departure Form.
    • This form is to be completed only for students who are seeking the opportunity to finish the academic semester on campus and plan to move off of campus no later than December 13. A student may depart campus before December 13, but this request allows for the student to remain no later than December 13.
    • The criteria to be approved for a late departure are as follows:
      • Difficulty with the ability to travel away from campus by November 22, seeking an extension for check out day/time.
      • Academic success would be negatively impacted by needing to depart from campus prior to final examinations.
  • Option 2: I need to remain on campus from November 22 through the start of the spring semester.
    • If you are requesting to remain on campus from November 22 through the start of the spring semester, please complete the Winter Break Housing Request Form. These requests will be reviewed by a committee to determine if you are eligible to remain on campus through the entire winter break. The form will close on Friday, November 6, at 12 p.m. A decision will be provided to you by Friday, November 13, at 4 p.m.
    • The criteria to be approved for a break housing are as follows:
      • Student’s permanent address is in Africa, Asia, Europe, or South America.
      • Student's permanent address is Gettysburg College.
      • Students has a significant housing insecurity or other difficult circumstances.

Students who are approved to remain for part or all of the break period should take careful note of the following:

  • The College is planning to use the Ice House and College Apartment complexes for winter break housing and all students will be assigned to a room in one of these areas. Students will have the option to reside alone or with one apartment-mate in separate bedrooms.
  • All students will need to continue to adhere to the provisions of the Student Health Agreement including masking, distancing, and not attending/hosting gatherings. Any student who violates the Agreement will be subject to discipline as outlined in the Behavior Rubric.
  • The College will not be operating the Testing Center during the break. Testing will be available through Health Services and students with questions or concerns about testing should contact Health Services at 717-337-6970.
  • Dining will provide limited food options on certain dates, and you can access food at your expense during those time. Students will be able to use any remaining Dining Dollars or Bullet Bucks that they have on their account. On some dates, all food services will be closed. Additional information with details will be provided to students who are approved to remain over the break period.