Adams County Arts Council Juried Exhibition

Cherry Blossom Esplanade, 2018, by Lenore Mills. (Medium: Batik).
Havana Hounds, 2019, by Barbara DeUgarte. (Medium: Oil).
Untitled #2, 2019, by Chris Lauer. (Medium: Monotype).
Blue Jay Transom, 2018, by Christian Parker. (Medium: Stained Glass).
Luminous Creatures, 2019, by Marie Betlyon-Smith. (Medium: Acrylic).
Nestled in Stone, 2019, by Martha Martin. (Medium: Picasso Stone).
Horizons, 2019, by Matthew Borgen. (Medium: Inkjet print on archival paper).
The Muckers, 2019, by Michael Hower. (Medium: Digital Photography/Inkjet Print on Paper).
Lily Magnolia Blossom, 2017, by Ping Shen. (Medium: Colors and Ink on Rice Paper).
Magnolia Grandiflora VI: the Flower, 2018, by Andrea Finch. (Medium: Fiber).
Magnolia Grandiflora VI: the Flower, 2018, by Andrea Finch. (Medium: Fiber).
Big Trees, 2020, by Roberta Iula. (Medium: Acrylic on Canvas).
Early Spring View, 2020, by Anne Finucane. (Medium: Linocut, hand-colored with watercolor).
San Marco Square, 2019, by Dora Townsend. (Medium: Photograph).
Melting, 2018, by Melinda Bitzel (Mixed: canvas, oil, acrylic, cardboard, glue)
Lily Pads, 2019, by Melinda Bitzel. (Medium: Mixed: canvas, oil, acrylic, cardboard, glue).
Hen of the Woods via the Trail, 2020, by Gerard McFerren. (Medium: Driftwood, Stone, Lichen).
Hen of the Woods via the Trail, 2020, by Gerard McFerren. (Medium: Driftwood, Stone, Lichen).
Turkish Treasure, 2020, by Sandra Desrosiers. (Medium: Oil).
Harvest, 2019, by Jack Handshaw. (Medium: Raku Pottery).
Harvest, 2019, by Jack Handshaw (Medium: Raku Pottery).
Kauai Landscape, 2020, by Richard Barvainis (Medium: Photography).
And Ye Shall Have Dominion, 2019, by Linda Gottfried (Medium: Ceramic).
Neon Window Sign, 2019, by Peter Smyth. (Medium: Smartphone).
Milkweed Explosion, 2019, by Theodore Scarpino. (Medium: Archival Photograph).
Lone Cottage, 2019, by Geoff Grant (Medium: Archival Digital Photography).
Tin Can Alley, 2020, by Barbara Johnson (Medium: Collage).
Melancoly Under a Harvest Moon, 2019, by William Brozy (Medium: Framed and Matted Archival Inkjet Print).
Solitude, 2019, Alex Bellotti. (Medium: Oil Paint on Canvas).
Beach at Findhorn, 2019, Richard Barvainis. (Medium: Photography).
Purple Haze, 2018, Carolyn Chase. (Medium: Glass).
In Check, 2019, Jin Lee. (Medium: Copper, Steel and Wood).
In Check, 2019, by Jin Lee. (Medium: Copper, Steel and Wood).
Iceolation, 2019, by Gregory Suryn. (Medium: Photograph).
Jason and Madison, 2019, by Harold Zabady. (Medium: Oils).
Hockey Rink Combo, 2018, by John Armstrong. (Medium: Manipulated Photograph).
Forest Waterfall, 2019, by Janet Powers. (Medium: Digital Photography).
Begining to Turn, 2018, by Mary Anne Warner (Medium: Pastel on Paper).
Clockwork, 2019, by Eric Miller (Medium: Watercolor).
Broken Peace Pipeline, 2019, by Brooke Jana. (Medium: Giclee print of original digital art on archival matte paper).
Fashionistas: Battistero di San Giovanni, Florence, 2018, by Dan Mangan. (Medium: Photograph infused on metal)
In the Protection of the Duomo, 2018, by Marfy Grassell. (Medium: Watercolor, Wax, Ink).
Washed Up, 2018, by Autumn Wright. (Medium: Monotype, Acrylic, Ink and Watercolor).
Past Life, 2017, by Katherine Fraser. (Medium: Oil on Canvas).
2.19, 2018, by Gabe Clarke. (Medium: Spray Paint on Hollow-Core Door).
Emmy, 2017, by Patricia Hutchinson. (Medium: Mixed Media - oil and acrylic on canvas).
Pennsylvania Project ยท Par Deux #30, 2017, by David Allison. (Medium: Archival Pigment Print).
Patterns, 2019, by Linda Agar. (Medium: Photography).
Mushroom Portal, 2018, by Freya Qually. (Medium: Photography).
Horned Ring, 2019, by Alan Paulson. (Medium: Wood).