Life Safety Inspection Form


House Manager/Inspector Name:

Date of Inspection:

- Please complete the form in its entirety making sure to note any deficiencies in the Final Report section.
- Self inspection forms must be completed and submitted each Wednesday by 5PM. Failure to submit this form on time will result in a loss of social event registration privileges for the following weekend and other possible sanctions.
- Gettysburg College will re-inspect each house on a monthly basis unless there is a condition which presents the possibility of imminent harm.
-The Department of Public Safety will follow up on any outstanding safety issues during the Pre-Party Inspection.

General House Conditions

1. Is there any structural damage that would cause a safety problem?

2. Are hallways clear of obstructions and debris?

3. Is the area around the house, especially around entry/exit doors, generally clear of debris and obstructions?(Reminder no indoor furniture should be outside)

4. Are all grills cleared to within 10 feet of structures when in use?

5. Is the laundry area kept clean and the dryer vents clear?

6. How often is the trash removed from the building?

Exits, Emergency Signage/Lighting, Egress

7. Are all exit routes clear of obstructions?

8. Are all fire escapes and stair towers cleared of objects and in good working order?(including snow and/or ice on walkways and stairs)?

9. Are all self closing exit doors closed at all times and in proper working order?

10. Are there exit plans posted throughout the house on each floor?

11. Are exit signs working with no burned out light bulbs?

12. Are emergency lighting throughout the house working?

13. Is emergency generator in proper working order (FIJI and Sigma Nu only)?


14. Are storage areas free from any flammable liquids (gasoline, paint, thinner, etc.)?

15. Are flammable liquids (paint, thinner ,etc) stored in an approved metal storage container?

16. Are areas under stairways free of stored materials?

17. Is the boiler room clear of all combustible material?

Fire Safety Systems

18. Are the fire extinguishers in place and full?

19. Is the fire alarm system operating with no warning sounds or lights indicating problems with the system?

20. Do all sprinkler heads have an 18" clearance from other objects mounted on the ceiling?

21. Are all extension cords and surge protectors properly used and in good shape (attaching an extension cord to a surge protector is not acceptable)?

22. Are wall outlets and light switches operational and unbroken cover faceplate?

23. List problems found on the self inspection.

24. List what actions you took to correct the problems identified during the self inspection?

By submitting this information, I am supplying factual information to Gettysburg College, Office of Greek Organizations.

It is a violation of the Gettysburg College Code of Conduct to submit false information to a College Official.