Plan an Event

One of the benefits of a liberal arts experience is the focus on curricular and co-curricular engagement. At Gettysburg College, one way that manifests is through student organizations and their ability to host events on campus. Events throughout the year range from weekly organization meetings to large scale, campus-wide programs.

Steps for a Successful Program

  1. Confirm your event plans with your organization and its executive members (4+ weeks in advance)
    1. Be aware of the budget for the event for planning purposes
    2. Have all details planned, including all activities and food you may be offering
    3. If you are planning on bringing a speaker, artist, or performer to campus, contact the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life to fill out the required paperwork
  2. Reserve a space on 25-Live: (1+ week in advance)
    1. If you do not have an account, email to get started
    2. For instructions on creating an event, visit
    3. Make sure to indicate if any technology, equipment, or facilities services are needed
    4. Wait for confirmation before advertising
  3. Once you have a space, begin advertising! (2 weeks in advance)
    1. Posters can be put up all over campus, including in Residence Halls and on TVs FOR FREE
    2. Visit Campus Publicity for all advertising options and information
    3. Create a Facebook event and advertise using your organization’s social media
  4. Reserve a CUB Table!
    1. This also goes through 25 Live, so be mindful of the dates/deadlines
    2. Search for “CUBLY” when imputing the event location
  5. Do some shopping (within the week before the event)
    1. Purchase all necessary supplies days before the event to allow for last minute purchases in case things are forgotten
      1. This includes decorations and items for any activities
    2. Order all food for delivery or pick-up the day-of
    3. Purchase all merchandise you are planning on selling at/ before the event
      1. If you need a cash box, visit the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life (OSAGL) to borrow one. Items can also be stored in a locker in OSAGL for the duration of the sales.
  6. Day-Of Preparation
    1. Arrive early to the event location for set-up
    2. Do some last minute advertising: post to social media, tell your friends, etc.
  7. After-event items
      1. Clean up directly after the event
      2. Return the cash box (if applicable) to OSAGL and take all merchandise with you
      3. Reflect on the event and make improvements for the next one


  • The earlier you start, the better, especially when reserving spaces and ordering merchandise
  • Consider possible attendance when ordering food and purchasing supplies. You don’t want to under-order or go over-budget.
  • Questions? Contact OSAGL at (717)337-6304 or

Invited Speaker/Performer Documents

Student Organizations inviting a speaker or performer onto campus must complete and submit the following forms to the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life (CUB 210) prior to advertising the event.

Invited Speaker or Performer Request Form (DOCX)

Invited Speaker Agreement (DOCX)

Policy on Partisan Political Activity by Students

Freedom of Expression Policy

Funding Options

Student Senate

Relevant Campus Departments (Academic or Student Affairs)

Co-Sponsorships with other student organizations (Ex. Campus Activities Board, Greek Life, etc.)