Virtual CAFE Symposium

A Note of Welcome

Welcome to the 6th Annual CAFÉ, a Celebration of Academic First-Year Engagement, where students whose First Year Seminar (FYS) projects are nominated by their instructors, share their research in poster format with the entire Gettysburg College community.

The idea behind CAFÉ from its inception has been to lift up the intellectual life of the First-Year class and to simulate for them what presenting one’s research at a national conference might be like. CAFÉ provides an introductory “toe in the water” for Gettysburg students early in their college careers to appreciate the value of engaging in research and creative activity and sharing what one has learned with others, as well as hearing about what others have learned. CAFÉ, at its best, provides a safe but lively environment for students to describe their work both pictorially and verbally to faculty, administrators, fellow students, family, and friends as well as offering presenters the opportunity to field questions that enhance everyone’s understanding of the array of topics that were explored during the First-Year seminars.

Since we wanted to continue this tradition, even during these times of social distancing, we needed to find a virtual environment that was safe but easy to access for both presenters and attendees. We believe we have done so through Acadiate, the company who is providing our virtual venue for CAFÉ ‘21. They have designed a robust platform to manage high volumes of attendees, while supporting human contact and interaction. During CAFÉ’s two-day period of preview and presentations, we hope you will browse student posters at your own pace, drop into poster showcases to access more detailed background information on the topic and the presenter, and connect directly with students during their published live connection times to hear more about their research and creative works. For more detailed information regarding how to use the virtual platform, please read the instructions below.

I am confident that you will enjoy the time you spend interacting with these wonderful students and hearing about the great work they’ve accomplished under the mentorship of our faculty.

Thank you for your interest in CAFÉ ’21 and Gettysburg’s Class of 2024. As indicated in the instructions, you are able and encouraged to write a few words of support to individual student presenters.  I know they would appreciate it.

Maureen E. Forrestal

Assistant Provost for Student Scholarly Engagement

How to navigate the CAFÉ Symposium website

First, register to receive the link to the virtual CAFÉ website. (The link to the main lobby of the event will be sent out the morning of Tuesday, February 16.)  

Please note: All searches should happen within either Group 1 or Group 2. You are unable to search for students from the lobby. If you do not know which group the student is in, please click on “Who’s in what group” from the main lobby.

Before and after the live event

To browse the showcases and leave feedback or ask questions:

  1. From the lobby, click on Group 1 or Group 2.
  2. Within the group, browse the showcases or use the search function to search by:
    1. Student name
    2. Faculty mentor name
    3. Research topic field
    4. First-Year Seminar course title or number
    5. Keyword
  3. Click on the student’s showcase to enter.
  4. Viewing the poster tips:
    1. To maintain poster quality and readability, please use the zoom function (- +) located above the poster, especially if you are on a mobile device.
    2. If you are viewing the event from a computer, to scroll around the poster, click on the >> icon (located to the right of the zoom feature) and select the “Hand Tool”. Then, click and hold on the poster to pan around.
  5. To view the student’s resume or introductory video:
    1. These materials are located at the bottom of the left sidebar.
    2. Mobile device: You may need to click on “Showcase menu” at the top of the page to access the sidebar.
  6. To leave a public comment:
    1. In the sidebar, under the student’s name, click on the grey “Comments” button.
    2. Enter your name, email and comment.
    3. Click “Add Comment”.
  7. To send an email directly to the student:
    1. In the sidebar, under the student’s name, click on the yellow “Contact” button.
    2. This will automatically bring up Outlook with the student’s email address populated.
  8. To exit the student’s showcase, click on the yellow “Back” button at the top of the screen.
  9. To switch groups, click the blue “Lobby” link, located beneath the banner.

Joining virtual student discussions during the live event

Wednesday, February 17, 4:30-5:15pm (Group 1) or 5:30-6:15 p.m. (Group 2)

  1. Have Zoom installed on the device or computer you are using.
  2. Search for students using the instructions in the “Before and after the live event” section, located above.
  3. In the sidebar “Showcase menu”, click the yellow “Join Meeting” button.