Academic Calendar 2020–21

We believe in the residential liberal arts experience

We have developed a 2020–2021 academic calendar that allows us to maintain a robust residential learning environment, while keeping the health and safety of our community front and center.

Changes to the calendar

To do this, we will modify our typical calendar. For the fall semester, we will start classes on August 17, eliminate fall Reading Days, finish on-campus instruction by Thanksgiving, and hold finals remotely. These changes enable us to have a full 14 weeks of instruction with one week of finals (15 weeks total), to ensure we maintain a rigorous academic experience. By adapting the calendar in this way, we eliminate the need for students to leave and return to campus after Reading Days and Thanksgiving Break. Back-and-forth travel of this kind would unnecessarily create an opportunity of spreading the coronavirus on our campus.


More information will be forthcoming about student Move-In dates and times. Our plan is to stagger move-in times to reduce congestion and encourage physical distancing. We expect to provide more information about move-in dates as soon as possible, but no later than July 7.

Fall semester

Date Event
(tbd) Move-In (details available on or before July 7)
(tbd) First-Year Orientation (details available on or before July 7)
August 17 First Day of Classes
November 20 Last Day of Classes
November 30–December 6 Online final exams

Spring semester

The spring calendar will likely include 14 weeks of on-campus instruction and one week of on-campus finals, with no Spring Break, but may be altered depending on the path of the virus.

Our approach

A successful return to campus for the fall semester relies on our commitment to the health and safety practices and guidelines we have put into place.

Learning remotely

We understand that some students may need to remain home for a variety of reasons, particularly international students whose visas are delayed. If you are interested in learning remotely for the fall semester, please contact the Office of the Registrar at We are working to ensure that students who want to learn remotely will be able to take a full course load and make progress toward the completion of their degree requirements. Please note that the online curriculum will likely not be as comprehensive as that available to the residential students.

Gettysburg Gap options

Some students may not be able to—or will prefer not to—return to a residential environment because of health concerns, travel issues, or family obligations, but still want to stay engaged with the College and pursue their Gettysburg education.

Global study

We are committed to supporting our global study students.

Tuition and finance

There will be changes to the comprehensive fee for 2020-2021 academic year. Learn more about how to request emergency relief funds through the CARES Act.