Global study

Information about studying abroad in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Note: The content on this page was current through May, 2021. It is now outdated and will be replaced over Summer 2021 to reflect information for the Fall semester. See Summer Rules for the current COVID-19 behavior rubric.

We are committed to supporting our global study students, no matter where they are studying.

Current status

The Center for Global Education (CGE) continues to be in regular contact with Gettysburg’s program providers and host institutions around the world. Preparedness plans are in place, which includes physical distancing and cleaning protocols that meet or exceed required standards. Many programs have taken the additional precaution of housing students in single rooms to allow for increased privacy and the possibility of isolation if needed. Many programs have also instituted modified calendars, prepared online coursework (or for the ability to move to online coursework if needed), and established guidelines for and limitations to travel during the semester. Students are being apprised of these modifications as they are announced.

We all wish that the path forward would be clearer. If students and families are comfortable with the program modifications and increased risks, and it is possible for U.S. citizens and other international students to enter our program countries, Gettysburg will do our very best to continue to support global study plans. If at any point Gettysburg is compelled to withdraw support for global study, students will be given assistance with registration, housing, and other questions.

Please be in touch with the Center for Global Education at with additional questions.