FAQs about the 2020–21 academic year

Your questions about 2020–21 and COVID-19 answered

Note: The content on this page was current through May, 2021. It is now outdated and will be replaced over Summer 2021 to reflect information for the Fall semester. See Summer Rules for the current COVID-19 behavior rubric.

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Top questions

  1. Who is invited to return to residence in the spring?
  2. What type of enforcement of guidelines can we expect in the spring?
  3. What will the academic experience be like for residential students in the spring?
  4. What will campus life be like in the spring?
  5. What health and safety guidelines are in place?

Spring planning

Students and parents

Residential cohort

Remote cohort

Health and wellness




Global study

More details about Global Study in 2020–21 are available at the Center for Global Education.

Travel and visitors