COVID-19 advisory, steering, and implementation committees

Planning committees for the 2020–21 academic year

Note: The content on this page was current through May, 2021. It is now outdated and will be replaced over Summer 2021 to reflect information for the Fall semester. See Summer Rules for the current COVID-19 behavior rubric.

To ensure that we continue to structure our academic calendar and programming as thoughtfully as possible amidst the various challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the College has established two working groups—a Steering Committee and an Implementation Team—to guide our planning for the spring semester. Additionally, the work of these groups has benefited greatly from the counsel of three advisory bodies: The Faculty Advisory Committee, the College Life Advisory Committee, and a committee made up entirely of senior students. Our student groups have been invaluable to our planning.

Implementation Team

This team is composed of administrators who are responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of our COVID-19 policies and procedures. Most recently, this group has been stress-testing various scenarios for the spring semester, such as the adjustments that would be necessary across teaching spaces, living spaces, PPE, isolation and quarantine practices, testing capabilities, compliance and enforcement practices, and more, based on different numbers of students returning to live on campus. The team is led by:

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee reviews all decisions and recommendations from the Implementation Team to ensure the plans are comprehensive, thorough, and fully ready to implement. 

This committee includes members of President’s Council and the leadership of the Implementation Team. It is also staffed by leaders of Keeling & Associates, including Dr. Richard Keeling. This committee is chaired by Julie Ramsey, Vice President of College Life and Dean of Students. Upon Dean Ramsey’s retirement, Dan Konstalid, Vice President for Finance and Administration, will chair this committee.

Advisory Committees

Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee is composed of faculty representing each division. The committee members include:

College Life Advisory Committee

The College Life Advisory Committee is comprised of students who provide feedback and recommendations to administration regarding policies for the spring semester. The committee members include:

  • Jamil C. Abanto ’24
  • Lauren M. Beccaria ’22
  • Ziv R. Carmi ’23
  • Peter W. Halsey ’23
  • Abigail R. Hauer ’21
  • Alexis J. Jones ’24
  • Emily R. Jumba ’24
  • Megan E. Keene ’21
  • Andrew P. Lemon ’24
  • Nicholas C. Marchi ’22
  • Shubh Parekh ’23
  • Tsvetomir V. Petkov ’22
  • Angelina D. Piette ’23
  • Andry A. Rakotonjanabelo ’24
  • Taylor-Jo Russo ’22
  • Ryan C. Sipple ’21
  • Shannon M. Twill ’23
  • Christian P. Whitsel ’21
  • Caitlin M. Yap ’22
  • Heyang Zhang ’21

Senior Student Advisory Committee

  • Daniel Banh ‘21
  • Maddi Carr ‘21
  • Matthew Coe ‘21
  • Kyle Flagg ‘21
  • Garrett Glaeser ‘21
  • Logan Grubb ‘21
  • Meghan Guy ‘21
  • Bridget Haines ‘21
  • Kristin Haugen ‘21
  • James Lamb ‘21
  • Justin Lessel ‘21
  • Max Janin ‘21
  • Gauri Mangala ‘21
  • Emma Padrick ‘21 (student convener)
  • Melanie Pangol ‘21
  • Diana Bianco Riley ‘21
  • Katie Troy ‘21 (student convener)