Health guidelines

Note: The content on this page was current through May, 2021. It is now outdated and will be replaced over Summer 2021 to reflect information for the Fall semester. See Summer Rules for the current COVID-19 behavior rubric.

Students are expected to adhere to a number of community health guidelines that were put into place to protect their own health and the health of those around them. Students who chose to violate these guidelines will be subject to actions outlined in the behavior rubric.

Guidelines for face coverings

Gettysburg College students are required to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth at all times. The exceptions to wearing a face covering are as follows:

  • A residential student in their assigned residence hall room or an off-campus student in their house with the tenants on their lease.
  • Using the restroom.
  • Eating or drinking.
  • Actively exercising outdoors. Please note: Walking alone or in groups does not qualify as exercise within our policy. Therefore, masks must be worn by students and employees at all times when walking outdoors.
  • Driving alone in a vehicle.

If you fit into one of the exceptions included in Section 3 of the state’s mask order (PDF), you should contact the Health Center.

Appropriate face coverings

  • A multi-layered, cloth mask that covers both your mouth and nose is recommended. Homemade masks that meet these criteria are adequate.
  • Surgical masks and K-N95/N95 respirators should be reserved for use by medical professionals.
  • Any face coverings which are open or leave gaps at the edges, such as face shields or bandanas, do not provide adequate protection and should not be worn.

Guidelines for physical distancing

Gettysburg College students are required to maintain a physical distance of six feet from others.

Guidelines for gatherings 1

  • Masking and distancing rules apply when students host other students and gather.
  • Students can gather, on campus and off-campus, including hosts and other students, in groups not to exceed the posted capacity of the space. Each house and apartment will have a maximum capacity sign posted in the common space.
  • A living unit can have no more than the maximum number of students posted on the capacity sign in the unit at one time.
  • Students can gather in a space of a non-residential building in groups not to exceed the posted capacity of the space.
  • Students can gather in groups of 8 or less in off-campus houses or outside spaces, as long as the six feet physical distancing expectations are followed.
  • Students can host no more than 2 other students in their residence hall room not to exceed 3 students total.

Guidelines for quarantine and isolation

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to follow the isolation protocols prescribed by Heath Services.
  • Students who are identified as a contact of a COVID-19 positive person are required to follow the quarantine protocols prescribed by Heath Services.
  • Students may have to quarantine after an incident in which there was a potential exposure to COVID-19.

Guidelines for mandatory testing

  • Gettysburg College students are required to take a COVID-19 test at their assigned testing day and time in accordance with the College’s testing program.
  • Students who need to change their testing day will need to coordinate with the testing center.
  1. Only students who are included in the College’s COVID-19 testing program are permitted on campus. Any person not included in the testing protocol is prohibited from visiting campus.