S/U grading option

Message sent May 7, 2020

Brian Reese, Registrar, informs students about the satisfactory / unsatisfactory grading selection beginning on Monday, May 11.

Dear Students,

For Spring 2020, students will have the ability to change the grading option from letter grade to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) during the week of May 11-15. This option will be available via the Student Center beginning Monday, May 11, and must be completed by the student before 5:00PM EDT on Friday, May 15. The attached word document will provide the steps required to select the S/U grading option.

For students receiving course credit from CGE study abroad programs, most grades will not be available the week of May 11-15. However, you will have this option to change grades to S/U once the official transcripts are sent to the Office of the Registrar. We will contact you with letter grade information so you can make an informed decision on accepting the letter grade, or changing to S/U.

For students with authorization to receive an incomplete (INC) or temporary no grade (NG) to complete coursework beyond May 15, the deadline will be extended to correspond with the date of the final letter grade submission. For example, if the INC is dated June 1, the instructor has until June 15 to provide a final letter grade, the student will have the week of June 15-19 at the latest to make a decision on accepting the final letter grade, or changing to S/U. If the letter grade is submitted before June 15, we will adjust the time to select S/U accordingly.

As a reminder, courses that are selected S/U will not be included in GPA calculations; including both the Spring 2020 semester GPA and your overall cumulative GPA. For additional information, please review the temporary modifications to the S/U Grading Option.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the Registrar- registrar@gettysburg.edu

Enjoy your day, best wishes for the end of semester activities, and wishing everyone good health!