Financial matters for the remote cohort

Credits will be applied to students’ accounts within 60 days

Financial aid packages may be impacted with the pivot to remote learning. Refunds will vary among students in the residential cohort and remote cohort.

The Student Accounts Office is here to help students and their families through these challenging times. We anticipate increased call and email volume over the coming weeks. We will respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. Questions can be emailed to or you can call our Student Accounts Office at (717) 337-6220.

Credit timeframe

We expect to have all credits applied to students’ accounts within 60 days. We appreciate your patience as we implement the decisions relating to de-densifying campus. Although students may see a credit on their student account as adjustments are made, no refunds will be issued to students with financial aid packages until the Financial Aid office has completed repackaging the student for changes to the Cost of Attendance. Requests for refunds will be processed once credits have been placed on student accounts and financial aid (if any) has been adjusted.

Credit balance on student account

Students: For online access, log into the Student Center and go to Account Inquiry on the Self Service Page, OR log into the Student Center then Self Service › Campus Finances › View Bill/Make a Payment › GBURG Billing. If the current amount due is a negative (-) number, then there is a credit on your account. Using the mobile app, you can access your account via the Mobile Site by clicking on Finances > GBURG Billing. If the current amount due is a negative (-) number, then there is a credit on your account.

Authorized Payer: Students often designate parents or others to have access to their student bills. If your student has already given you access to GBURG Billing, you should use the login information provided to you via email when your student granted you access to the system. The current balance due will be on the overview page. If the current amount due is a negative (-) number, then there is a credit on your account. If you need your student to grant you access, they should follow the instructions on the GBURG Billing Instructions section of the Student Accounts website.

Requesting a credit or refund

If you would like the credit balance on your student account to be applied to your spring semester bill, no further action is required.

If you would like a refund of the credit balance, a Refund Request Form may be completed and submitted to the Student Accounts Office as an attachment via email to The form is not required. This information can also be provided within the email. Be sure to include the student’s name, ID number, and the amount of refund requested.

  • If you are requesting the refund via a paper check, please include the student or parent name to whom the check should be made payable. Checks will be mailed to the student’s home address on record.
  • If you already have a direct deposit set up for student refunds, please note in the email that you would like your refund direct-deposited.
  • If you would like to set up direct deposit for your student refund, please follow these steps before requesting a refund.

Please Note: No refund can be issued until financial aid packages have been adjusted.