Alert levels for COVID-19 status on campus

Current level: Moderate Alert (September 14, 2020)

The College is using four levels to communicate the current status of COVID-19 on campus and corresponding operational changes. Please note that changes, in a combination of community and campus indicators, could result in an increase or decrease in alert level.

Alert level Description
Very High Alert
Ongoing campus or community transmission is occurring at an accelerating rate. There is no realistic strategy to contain or control the situation.
Gettysburg Operations (e.g. spring 2020)
• Only essential employees on campus
• 24-72 hour planned move-out of students from campus with the exception of approved students (e.g. international, extenuating circumstances)
• All instruction online
High Alert
The number of positive tests and potential exposures is rising and confidence in the ability to accurately complete contact tracing is moderate. Quarantine and isolation capacity is decreasing.
Gettysburg Operations
• Open with mitigation strategies as listed in “Moderate Alert” in place
Additional possible actions:
• Increased frequency and breadth of surveillance testing
• Increased physical distancing and/or tightened social rules
• Increased travel restrictions
• Increased restrictions on extra-curricular activities
• Increased restrictions on campus events
• Increased online instruction
• Increased telework for faculty and staff
• Students educated and prepared for potential departure on short notice
• Order to shelter in place
• Greater de-densification (e.g. fewer students on campus, perhaps organized in phases and/or by class year/category)
• Students living off campus restricted from campus
• More stringent visitor restrictions
• Building access restrictions (e.g. athletic facilities, dining facilities, particular buildings)
• Temporary closure of one or more floors, wings, or whole residence halls, or other common-use buildings
Moderate Alert
A manageable number of individuals test COVID-positive and contact tracing suggests that exposures are confined to a small number of additional people. Effective contact tracing remains possible and there is confidence in the ability to contain, isolate, and remediate small flare-ups.
Gettysburg Operations (e.g. start of fall 2020)
• Open with risk mitigation strategies in place
• Decreased density in residence, dining, academic spaces
• Testing - baseline, surveillance, contact tracing, symptomatic
• Strict physical distancing, mandatory face coverings at all times on campus, frequent hand washing
• High level enforcement of compliance with risk mitigation requirements
• Increased cleaning, especially high-traffic and high touch areas; disinfection and decontamination of rooms occupied by students with COVID-19
• Instruction a mix of in person, hybrid, online
• Accommodations for faculty, students, staff in vulnerable populations
• Employee flexibility for telework, rotating schedules to decrease density where feasible
• Signed Student Health Agreement
• Required health and safety education/training for all students and employees
Low Alert
New normal. A vaccine or effective treatment is widely available
Gettysburg Operations
Open with gradual easing of risk mitigation strategies