Current restrictions for students on campus

All-student quarantine has been lifted

Update September 14, 2020: The all-student quarantine has been lifted for students within the residential cohort who have received a negative COVID-19 test. Mask and physical distancing protocols remain in effect. The College’s alert level is at Moderate Alert.

New testing protocols:

  • Weekly testing will occur among the residential cohort on Mondays and Tuesdays. You will be notified by Residence Life with details for each round of testing.
  • At this time, the College does not plan to quarantine students immediately after testing. This will be evaluated regularly based upon test results, compliance with the Student Health Agreement, regular monitoring/reporting of health checks through Medicat, etc. You will be updated if there are any changes to the status of campus life in relation to quarantine or limited outside hours.

Mask and face covering reminders:

  • When inside: Students in the residential cohort can visit with others in their rooms, as long as there are no more than 3 guests (4 in total when including yourself) in the room and everyone is masked and distanced. This number is based on square footage of rooms in the First-Year areas. If you are concerned about the space and maintaining the six feet of distance, please gather in a common room or living room or outside. If you are in your own bedroom by yourself, no mask is needed.
  • When outside: We encourage students to get outside to gather in open grassy areas or the tents, when the weather is nice. Masks and physical distancing still are required outside. If you are exercising – running, playing tennis, etc., masks are not required. However, you should carry one with you in the event that you are not able to maintain 6 feet of distance, and put it back on when you stop exercising.
  • When eating and gathering: Eating is an exception to wearing masks/face coverings. However, it is an exception ONLY when eating. As you gather with friends to eat meals, remember you should keep the mask on until you are eating and then put it back on when you are done eating. This is also a reminder that when you gather to eat, you should be at least 6 feet apart (ie, in circles outside on the grass), not any closer. Please note the signs on each table at dining locations which indicate the number of people who can sit in a certain area.

Read our full mask and physical distancing policy.