COVID rules and violation rubric for Summer 2021

Campus health and safety guidelines

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Vaccine requirement for Summer student residents

Gettysburg College students on campus this summer are required to be COVID-19 vaccinated. Vaccine information must be uploaded into Medicat prior to living on campus this summer. Some students may have requested and been given an exemption from the vaccine by Health Services for medical or religious reasons. Students who seek and are granted exemptions by Health Services accept that they are choosing to be on campus (and in a residence hall) at their own risk. Students are encouraged to protect themselves and other unvaccinated people by continuing to wear masks when gathering with other people.

Masking requirements

  • Gettysburg College students are required to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth in indoor public spaces. Indoor public spaces include all academic buildings, administrative buildings, classrooms, Jaeger Center, dining facilities, and College vehicles.
  • The exceptions to wearing a face covering are as follows:
    • Residential students in their assigned residence halls or off-campus students in their house with the tenants on their lease. We encourage unvaccinated persons to be masked in the residence halls.
    • Eating or drinking.
    • Driving alone in a vehicle.

Isolation and quarantine requirements

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to follow isolation protocols.
  • Students who are identified as contacts of a COVID-19 positive person are required to follow the quarantine protocols.
  • Students may have to quarantine after an incident in which there was a potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • CDC guidance is that vaccinated individuals do not need to quarantine after potential exposure unless they are experiencing symptoms.


  • There will not be mandatory testing during the summer.
  • Students may access testing and health care from Wellspan Urgent Care in Gettysburg.
  • Additional information about accessing healthcare this summer will be provided in a forthcoming communication.


  • There are no restrictions on student travel to and from campus. As of May 17, the 5-mile rule does not apply. We do ask all students to remain vigilant when traveling and take proper mitigation steps.

Visitors to campus

  • Gettysburg College students are permitted to have non-Gettysburg guests on campus. Students are not required to register visitors this summer. No overnight visitors are permitted.

Student behavior rubric

Warning violations

COVID-19 Expectation Examples of Violations Consequences and Sanctions*
Wear a face covering or mask. Student not wearing a mask or face covering. Student wearing a mask or face covering on their mouth only. COVID-19 Warning for the first two occurrences. Removal from summer housing/Referral to the student conduct process for the third occurrence.
Host visitors on campus during the day. Student allows a visitor to stay overnight. as above

Remote study violations

COVID-19 Expectation Examples of Violations Consequences and Sanctions*
Follow all isolation or quarantine expectations. Student in isolation leaves their space. Student in quarantine decides to go to class or meet with friends. Removal from summer housing (through August 8)/Referral to the student conduct process.

* Notes to table

The actual outcome depends on specific circumstances including whether it is a repeat offense 1,2,3,4

  1. Sanctions that are issued for violating a COVID-19 expectation are not eligible for appeal.
  2. Students may be subject to the code of conduct and sanctions including probation, suspension, and expulsion.