Steering Committee

Katherine Haley Will President
Janet Morgan Riggs '77 Provost

John A. Commito Professor of Environmental Studies
Felicia M. Else Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Barbara B. Fritze Vice President of Educational and Enrollment Services
Caroline A. Hartzell Associate Professor of Political Science
Jane D. North Executive Vice President
Robert A. Ortenzio '79 CEO Select Medical Corporation
Julie L. Ramsey Vice President of College Life and Dean of Students
John E. Ryan Associate Professor of English
Leanne C. Tyler '07 Political Science Major
Luke P. Norris '06 Graduate Student and Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University
James M. Weaver '64 Griffin Financial Group; Chair of the Board of Trustees
Debra J. Wolgemuth '69 Professor of Genetics & Development, Columbia University; Trustee

Senior Staff Consultants
Victoria A. Dowling Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations
Daniel T. Konstalid Vice President for Finance & Administration
Rodney S. Tosten Vice President for Information Technology

Administrative Support
Rhonda F. Good Associate Provost for Planning
Salvatore Ciolino Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Education Services