Gettysburg will promote a culture of connection among all of its constituencies, on campus and around the world.

The common ground of Gettysburg College-the experience of being a student here, or graduating from here, or supporting a son or daughter pursuing an education here-creates potential for a rich and vast network of connection, and we aim to take full advantage of it. Our culture of connection grows from a shared commitment to the College, and extends to all parts of the globe, including students, faculty, staff members, parents, alumni, friends, and trustees. It is important that the energy moving through these
connections flows two ways-as we rely on members of our extended community to support and advance our educational mission, we must in turn offer them opportunities for continued learning and growth.

As a leading college of the liberal arts and sciences, we have important roles to play in other communities as well. We belong to the community of liberal arts colleges and the broader higher education community, and we can be a powerful advocate for the value and vitality of liberal arts education. And as a college in the Borough of Gettysburg in Adams County, Pennsylvania, we have an obligation to work with other community members to preserve a high quality of life in the region.