Strategic Directions for Gettysburg

From the President

Eight years ago, as the result of a strategic planning process, we articulated a set of Strategic Directions for Gettysburg College that defined a course of action focused on four key themes: Engagement, Distinction, Access, and Connection.

A year after the Board of Trustees adopted these Strategic Directions, our nation experienced a seismic economic shift that had significant impact on Gettysburg College, as it did on most institutions of higher education. Despite those economic challenges, we have made tremendous progress in the implementation of our Strategic Directions over the last few years: we have expanded our faculty size; increased opportunities for students to conduct research with faculty; renovated several academic buildings; enhanced our athletic facilities; established the Garthwait Leadership Center; developed Eisenhower Institute programs; witnessed a substantial growth in career networking and internship opportunities; enrolled a more diverse student body; launched a $150 million comprehensive campaign; and advanced a host of other programs and projects. 

I invite you to take a moment to review our Strategic Directions report and the recent accomplishments of the Gettysburg College community, which have significantly enhanced the educational experience of our students. We certainly have much to celebrate!

Janet Morgan Riggs ’77

Download the 2007-2015 Strategic Directions Report