Advancing a Legacy

The history of Gettysburg College is a history of engagement with the most important issues of the day.

Thaddeus Stevens The College's founders were champions of freedom and liberty, progressive thinkers who believed in the power of a liberal arts education to open minds and prepare leaders who understand the obligations of citizenship. Perhaps more than any other college in the nation, Gettysburg is grounded in a sense of place. Surrounding our campus are the fields where a century and a half ago men gave their lives during a battle that defined a young nation's future and left an indelible imprint on its collective memory. Our campus is a short walk from the site where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address, one of the most eloquent expressions of freedom and liberty ever spoken. We are known for the events that happened here, and they continue to inspire us today. 

Our past gives us a powerful sense of purpose, a legacy of preparing graduates for enlightened involvement in society's most pressing challenges. We take pride in the ways this legacy is passed from one generation of students to another, and marvel at the great work of today's students as they prepare to take their place as leaders in a world that needs them. We embrace our obligation to advance this legacy; it has defined our past, and it will define our future. 

It is in this spirit of engagement, out of a desire to make every student's Gettysburg education a compelling experience that prepares them for meaningful contributions in a complex world, that we have developed Strategic Directions for Gettysburg College. Its themes and goals are designed to build on the College's distinctive strengths to secure our position among the nation's finest liberal arts colleges. We move forward out of a conviction that the kind of engaged liberal arts experience that Gettysburg is uniquely positioned to provide is the best possible preparation for active citizenship in today's world.