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Interviewee Subject Date Interviewer
Faber, Anne Adams County in World War II 3/29/1993 Jenifer Martin
Fehringer, John World War II 4/1/1999 Ted Hartman
Feiser, Dorothy World War II 10/27/2010 Heidi Bitter
Feiser, Fred World War II 11/4/2010 Andrew Mearns
Fell, David World War II 11/4/2010 Allan Neskie
Fender, Ann Harper Gettysburg College History 11/5/2007 Dean Vlahos
Fetrow, Earl World War II 3/22/2002 Brendan Sullivan
Fick, George Gettysburg College in the 1960s 9/24/1990 David Daly
Fick, George Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/12/1993 Todd Zerega

Fidler, Robert

World War II 3/8/1993 Anthony DeCapua
Fink, James Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/10/2005 Nancy Hogan
Finstad, Kermit Making a Life 10/17/1998 Heather Peterson
Fleming, Robert Austin World War II 3/17/2001 Sean William Fleming
Flesner, David 1960s-70s 3/27/2000 Matt Brown
Flesner, David Charles Glassick 3/20/2002 Scott Paris
Flickinger, Ray World War II 10/28/2002 Heidi Shuster
Flickinger, Robert World War II 10/10/2006 Eric Longenecker
Flynn, Suzanne Making a Life 10/20/2011 Colin Morgan
Folkemer, Gordon Abdel R. Wentz 3/31/1996 Nicki Bangert
Folkemer, Lawrence Hanson Era, 1950s 2/27/1992 Frederic Cook III
Folkemer, Lawrence World War II Home Front 4/24/1995 Jamal Liverpool
Folkemer, Lawrence Abdel R.Wentz 3/26/1996 Matt Miller
Foltz, Frederick Gettysburg College in the 1950s Fall 1991 Laurie Ziemba
Forbes, Harry World War II 12/2/2010 Michael Buchanan
Forness, Norman Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/1/1990 James Dougherty
Forness, Norman 1960s-70s 3/24/2000 Peter Stunz
Forness, Norman Making a Life 11/10/1997 John Dunlap
Forness, Norman Making a Life 10/20/2005 Brandon Roos
Forness, Norman Gettysburg College History 11/5/2007 Jeff Monsma
Forrester, Phil Gettysburg College in the 1960s 9/26/1990 Lisa Groenstein
Fortenbaugh, Esther World War II 4/5/1999 Kiley Mann
Fortenbaugh, Robert World War II 4/9/1999 Eugene W. Kraus
Fortenbaugh, Robert and Ester Making a Life / Gettysburg College 2/22/2004 Michael Birkner
Fortenbaugh-Craley, Ruth World War II / Gettysburg Life 10/16/2006 Jessica Cannella
Fox, James Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/7/1993 Gretchen Fox
Franklin, Milton World War II 4/4/1999 Christopher Dinger
Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Olice World War II 3/13/2007 Andrew Royer
Frazee, Betty and Murray Adams County in WWII 3/4/1993 Chris Main
Fredrickson, Robert Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/3/1993 Chris Main
Fredrickson, Robert S. Making a Life 10/28/1997 Robert Craft
Fredrickson, Robert S. Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/26/2001 Lauren M. Rocco
Fredrickson, Robert S. Charles Glassick 3/23/2002 Rebecca Duall
Freed, Edwin Making a Life / Gettysburg College 9/2/2001 Michael Birkner
Friday, Gloria World War II 3/13/2006 Jonathan Neu
Frigm, Philip E. Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/12/1993 Christopher Frigm
Fryling, Patricia World War II 3/23/2001 Jennifer Kraics
Fryling, Patricia Women in World War II 11/4/1992 Sarah Berthelsen
Fryling, Robert Adams County in World War II 4/2/1996 William Gorton
Fryling, Robert World War II 2/6/1991 Simon Auld
Fryling, Robert Hanson Era, 1950s 3/6/1992 Thomas Stanton
Fryling, Robert The Glassick Years 3/21/2002 Steven Fuller
Frlying, Robert Gettysburg College in the 1940s-1960s 11/1/2001 Steven Fuller
Fuchs, Rebecca Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/19/2004 Stephanie Bender
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