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Special Collections

Musselman Library
Fourth Floor
Gettysburg College Box 420
Gettysburg, PA 17325

717-337-7002 / 717-337-7046



Oral History Collection - H

Interviewe Subject Date Interviewer
Haas, Doris World War II 3/28/2002 Amanda Nagele
Haas, Doris World War II 5/10/1994 Bruce Lindsey
Hafer, Sebastian R. World War II 10/11/2006 Brett Jackson
Hagmayer, Gerald World War II 10/26/1999 Justin Marple
Halloran, Charles World War II 10/9/2001 Corrie Chandler
Hammann, Louis Robert Fortenbaugh 11/4/1994 Brendan Keegan
Hammann, Louis Hanson Era, 1950s 11/3/1992 Jim McConnell
Hammann, Louis Gettysburg College in the 1960s 9/27/1990 Jennifer Horner
Hammann, Louis Hanson Era, 1950s 3/3/1992 Stephen Mount
Hammann, Louis Charles Glassick 3/25/2002 Joshua Miller
Hammett, James World War II 11/5/2004 David Shadick
Hammett, James World War II 3/22/2006 Brian Vazzano
Hammett, Nancy World War II 3/22/2006 Tracy Clifford
Hanson, Jerome Making a Life 10/27/1997 Melissa Edwards
Hanson, Robert Robert Fortenbaugh 11/8/1994 Kelli Martin
Hanson, Robert World War II 3/7/2002 Ryan Adams
Hanson, Robert Gettysburg College 10/2/1998 Michael Birkner & David Hedrick
Harner, Glen World War II 3/27/2001 Carl York
Harner, Glen World War II 10/27/2004 John M. Rudy
Harsh, Maurice Duffield World War II 3/30/2007 Bathi Deen
Hartman, Richard Lincoln Highway 10/16/2000 Kevin Luy
Hartzel, Mahlon Robert Fortenbaugh 10/28/1994 Laura Mitchell
Hartzell, Jean Robert Fortenbaugh 10/30/1994 Beth Van Emburgh
Haskins, Richard Gettysburg College in the 1960s 11/5/2001 Amanda Nagele
Hauser, Helen World War II Homefront 10/23/2006 Ashley Towle
Hayes, Robert S. World War II 3/21/2009 Charles Zange
Hedrick, David Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/10/1993 Chris Leese
Hegeman, Bernard World War II 3/20/2002 Meg Hogan
Hegeman, Marie World War II 10/28/2002 Anushia Sivendran
Heiges, Mary Abdel R. Wentz 3/25/1996 Megan Hadley
Heiges, Mary World War II Home Front 4/26/1995 Michelle Maniscalo
Heilig, James B World War II 3/28/2000 Jennifer Wood
Heinbaugh, Charles E. World War II 3/14/2007 Allison C. Heinbaugh
Heisler, Barbara Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/14/2005 Spencer Davidson
Held, John Abdel R. Wentz 4/3/1996 Jack O'Connor
Henderson, Corrine World War II 3/27/2006 Amanda Spillman
Hendrickson, Thomas Gettysburg College ca. 1967-1972 4/7/1997 Scott Clark
Hendrickson, Thomas 1960's-1970's 11/9/2001 Don Vymazal
Hendrix, Arthur World War II 4/3/2001 Kelly Hanson
Hendrix, Sherman Gettysburg College ca. 1967-1972 3/26/1997 Kelly Kemp
Hendrix, Sherman Gettysburg College History 11/16/2007 Christopher J. Storm
Hennes, Gerhard G. World War II 3/12/2007 Aaron Heft
Hepler, Judy Making a Life 10/28/2005 Richard Garbutt
Herman, Stewart Gettysburg College 9/5/2001 Michael Birkner
Herr, Robert Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/7/1991 Howard Lewis
Herr, Stephen Charles Glassick 3/22/2002 David Thomas
Herring, Fred Gettysburg College in the 1950s 11/7/1991 James O. Barbi
Hershey, Dorothy World War II 3/21/2001 Christina Bell
Hershey, Jacob World War II 10/26/2001 Keith Swaney
Hess, Harold E. World War II 4/2/2001 Tim Calabrese
Heyen, Dr. Aloys (DDS) World War II 3/26/2009 Jordan Ziehl
Hikes, Alexine World War II 3/23/2001 Monica Everett
Hikes, George World War II Home Front 4/24/1995 Steven Kachadorian
Hikes, George Hanson Era, 1950s 3/6/1992 David DeBrandt
Hinkelday, Howard Robert Fortenbaugh 10/27/1994 Larry Hipp
Hinkelday, Howard World War II Home Front 3/25/1999 Paul Gaffney
Hinkelday, Howard World War II 10/27/2002 Ty Klippenstein
Hinrichs, Donald Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/2/1990 C. W. Bruton III
Hinrichs, Donald Gettysburg College in the 1960s 11/9/1993 Laura Turowski
Hinrichs, Donald Gettysburg College 1/30/2004 Michael Birkner
Holder, Jean Women in World War II 11/16/1992 Michael Root
Holder, Leonard Gettysburg in the 1960's 10/25/2001 Jay Gallagher
Holland, Melford E. Vietnam and/or the 1960's 11/13/1993 Marilyn Renee Kary
Hollenbach, Harold World War II 10/30/1999 Jen Fleming
Hook, Wade World War II 1/30/1991 Douglas George
Hook, Wade Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/8/1993 Justin Shaw
Hopper, Fred World War II 3/21/2001 Jay Gallagher
Horst, Donald World War II 10/27/2001 Andrew Achiron
Hottle, Robert Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/20/1991 Michael Root
Houck, David World War II 3/13/2004 David Worley
Houck, Marie World War II 3/11/2004 Leigh Dennington
Hudson, Howard R. World War II 3/25/2006 & 4/1/2006 Elizabeth Appenzeller
Hudson, Capt. James W. World War II 10/7/2006 Andrew R. Phillips
Hudson, Kathleen Women in World War II 11/6/1992 Beth Anderson
Hughes, Conway World War II 10/24/2002 Meghan Ditto
Hull, Kenneth World War II Home Front 4/24/1995 Matthew Washburn
Hulton, Robert World War II 4/26/1994 William Grey
Hulton, Robert Hanson Era, 1950s 11/6/1992 Shannon Keve
Hummel, Eugene World War II 4/21/1994 Todd Zerega
Hummel, Eugene World War II 2/11/1991 Richard Hamilton
Hummel, Eugene Gettysburg College in the 1950s 11/6/1991 Thomas Kozelka
Humphrey, Marcus World War II 11/4/1999 Jason Weida
Humphrey, Marcus World War II 10/22/2004 and 10/27/2004 Kathryn Poster
Humphrey, Marylin World War II 4/29/2010 Alex Polanchyck
Hutchinson, William Lincoln Highway 10/20/2000 Jorge Vitoria
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