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Interviewee     Subject           Date                       Interviewer
Kane, Grace Lincoln Highway 10/19/2000

Heather Hershey

Kane, William World War II 3/24/2000

Brendan Kane

Kane, William Hanson Era, 1950s 3/6/1992 Gary Grassi
Kane,William World War II 3/21/2002 Kristi Lees
Kehr, Raymond World War II 11/3/2008 Megan Gray
Keller, Jean World War II 4/3/2001 Brian Owens
Kennedy, Edward World War II 3/8/2004 James Hoffman
Kent, Leonard and Anne World War II 3/15/2007 Robert Finch
Kenworthy, Robert Hanson Era, 1950s 10/29/1992 Brian Riegel
Kenworthy, Robert Gettysburg College ca. 1967-1972 4/8/1997 Chris Felton

Kenworthy, Robert

Making a Life 1/16/2008 Michael Birkner
Kenworthy, Robert Making a Life/Gettysburg College 4/5/2011 Andrew Bothwell
Kessler, William I. World War II 10/21/2004 Matt Sweeney

Kiessling, Lottie

World War II 11/3/2010 Abbey Waltmire
Kimball, Dexter Hungerford World War II 10/19/2001 Alexander Kimball
King, Howell T. World War II 10/26/2010 Nicholas Oristian
King, Laurence World War II 10/22/2009 Hanna Heuser
Kiscadden, Bob World War II 10/25/2001 Daryl Grenz
Kline, Major Nathan, UUAF - Ret. World War II 10/15/2009 Michelle Hoppes
Koons, Robert World War II Home Front 3/23/1998 Daniel A. Jewett
Koons, Robert Hanson Era, 1950s 3/10/1992 Gregory S. Sommer
Koons, Robert Abdel R.Wentz / Seminary 3/20/1996 Jennifer Jackman
Koons, Robert World War II and Gettysburg College 4/1/1999 Nick Morse
Koons, Robert & Doris Haas World War II and Gettysburg College 2/10/2004 Michael Birkner
Kramer, Richard World War II 4/30/2010 Abe  Apfel
Kresky, John World War II 4/4/1999 Edward Charlesworth
Kresky, John World War II Home Front 3/24/1998 Jonathan Chin
Krichton, Harold World War II 4/3/2001 Andrew Fehnel
Krise, Marie World War II 3/16/2007 Sara Flint
Krostue, Sigurd W. World War II 3/14/2006 Rachel Burg
Kuhn, Charles E., Sr. World War II 10/18/2004 Amy Sanderson
Kulp, John World War II 10/30/2006 Jed Meighan
Kunkel, Barry Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/18/1991 Josh Kramon
Kurth, Arthur World War II 1/25/1991 Tom Doyle
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P: 717.337.6300