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Interviewee Subject Date Interviewer
Lafley, Paul World War II 3/24/2009 David Lewis
Lambert, Elizabeth Making a Life 10/28/1997 Barbara Dickson
Lambert, Elizabeth Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/9/2005 Nicole Lenart
Lane, Anne Bucher Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/10/2005 Susannah J. Rhodes
Lane, William Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/15/2005 Kevin Bowman
Lane, William Gettysburg College History 11/5/2007 Jennifer Giambrone
Larson, Allen Adams County in World War II 3/10/1993 Philip Campbell
Lasher, Arthur World War II 3/24/2009 David Fictum
Lawn, Robert World War II 10/29/1999 Peter Brauer
Lawver, Arthur Abdel R.Wentz 4/3/1996 James Smith
Leer, Ernest Abdel R.Wentz 3/29/1996 Michael Kelly
LeGros, Jean Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/27/1993 Michael Maniscalco
Leinbach, Carl Gettysburg College in the 1960s 11/2001 Emily A. McAuliffe
Leinbach, Carl Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/24/2005 Jay Roszman
Leister, Roger World War II 10/17/1999 Jeff Volkmann
Lemmon, Valerie A. Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/28/2004 Dean Flagg
Leone, Clement World War II 10/29/1999 Brendan Sullivan
Lewis, Charles World War II 10/20/2010 Molly Nulty
Liebetrau, Jon Charles Glassick 2/26/2002 Brian Dolan
Lindeman, Lani Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/28/2004 James Papalia
Lindeman, Lani Making a Life/Gettysburg College 4/1/2011 Tricia Runzel
Linn, Timon Making a Life 10/27/1997 S. Jacob Spiese III
Liverpool, Allen Vietnam and/or the 1960s 10/31/1993 Jamal J. Liverpool
Locher, Jack World War II 2/5/1991 Tim Belford
Locher, Jack Adams County in World War II 3/22/1993 Tracy Livingston
Locher, Jack World War II 11/12/1999 Michael Martinez
Locher, Jack Charles Glassick 3/24/2002 Evan Haworth
Locher, Nancy Cohen Gettysburg in the 1960s 10/27/2001 Jessica Wininger
Locher, Nancy Cohen Charles Glassick 3/21/2002 and 3/25/2002 Tiffany Nevel
Locher, Nancy Cohen World War II / Gettysburg Life 4/20/2007 Amanda Spillman
Locher, Nancy Cohen Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/28/2011 Vaughn Rennie
Lockard, Joseph World War II 11/25/2011 Valerie Merlina
Love, Paul Making a Life 10/24/1997 Derek Reed
Lynch, Joseph Charles Glassick 3/25/2002 Scott M. Ashman
Lyons, Francis Lutheran Theological Seminary 10/23/2000 Morgan Greenawalt
Gettysburg College 300 North Washington Street · Gettysburg, PA 17325
P: 717.337.6300