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Special Collections

Musselman Library
Fourth Floor
Gettysburg College Box 420
Gettysburg, PA 17325

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Oral History Collection - M

Interviewee Subject Date Interviewer
Mahaffie, Ralph Making a Life 6/4/1994 Michael Birkner and David Hedrick
Maher, Virginia R. Women in World War II 11/1992 Dan Gallucci
Maitland, Dr. Leah World War II 3/23/2001 Amanda Nagele
Maloney, Tom World War II 10/8/2006 Megan Shotzberger
Mara, Joy Women in World War II 11/9/1992 Sandra Egan
Mara, Richard World War II 2/2/1991 Clinton Lauber
Mara, Richard Hanson Era, 1950s 3/10/1992 Mark Ziegler
Markle, Donald World War II 3/31/1999 Sean Heidorn
Marschall, Laurence Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/8/1993 Chris Patterson
Marschall, Laurence Making a Life 10/25/2005 & 11/1/2005 Allison Carroll
Marschall, Laurence Gettysburg College History 11/1/2007 Alexander Lopez
Martin, Robert World War II Home Front 3/25/1998 Mike Graham
Matsinko, Michael Making a Life 10/20/1998 Zachary Petersen
Mattson, Karl Gettysburg College History 11/8/2007 Chasse Rehwinkel
McCardle, Arthur Gettysburg in the 1960s 11/2/2001 Steve Stuzinski
McCardle, Arthur Making a Life Fall 1997 Juniper Day
McCardle, Arthur Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/10/2005 Michael Solomon
McCarney, Howard J. Abdel R. Wentz 3/20/1996 Carla Jones
McCarney, Howard J. Lutheran Theological Seminary 11/2/2000 Matthew McLaughlin
McCleaf, Jacob Lincoln Highway 10/20/2000 Paul Gish/Craig MacDonald
McDowell, Betty World War II 3/15/2001 Joshua McDowell
McDowell, Rosamond World War II 4/26/2010 Amy Jennings
McGill, Vilma F. World War II 10/25/2010 Nathan Lanan
McHenry, Samuel, Jr. World War II 11/01/2001 Matt Higgins
McKee, Elmer World War II 10/29/2002 Jessica Hanson
McKee, Judith A. Lutheran Theological Seminary 11/06/2000 Megan Murphy
McLaughlin, Thomas World War II 11/1/1999 Tim Orr
McVicker, Eugene Hanson Era, 1950s 2/29/1992 Eric Fennell
McVicker, Eugene Abdel R. Wentz 3/27/1996 Gregory Eckblom
McVicker, Eugene World War II 4/23/1994 Sean Harlin
McVicker, Eugene World War II 4/1/1999 David Gary
McVicker, Mildred World War II 3/26/2001 Kelli Burnham
Meeder, Ralph Gettysburg College ca. 1967-1972 4/3/1997 Charlie Gaeta
Merclean, Allen B. World War II 3/12/2007 Ryan Merclean
Miles, Thomas World War II 10/23/2010 Steven Carles
Millar, William World War II 3/30/1999 Lawrence Jason Rose
Miller, C. Windsor World War II 3/1/2000 Jared Peatman
Miller, Clifford World War II 10/26/2002 Kevin Larrow
Miller, Nellie World War II 10/30/2002 Meggan Emler Smith
Miller, Raymond Abdel R. Wentz 4/3/1996 Christine Doyle
Milspaw, Gloria World War II 3/27/2007 Allison Bushey
Mock, Alfred J. Col. Stephen Warner/Vietnam 7/20/1993 David Hedrick/Michael Birkner
Moll, Madeline World War II 3/24/2001 Nancy Moll
Moore, Carey Abdel R. Wentz 3/26/1996 Scott Buhrman
Moore, Carey Hanson Era, 1950s 2/2/1992 Gretchen Fox
Moore, Carey Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/17/1991 Matthew Haag
Moore, Carey World War II Home Front 3/27/1998 William Becker
Moore, Carey Charles Glassick 3/27/2002 Eric Esser
Moore, Carey Gettysburg College 12/30/2003 Michael Birkner
Moore, Carey Gettysburg College 1/2/2005 Michael Birkner
Moorhead, Scott World War II 2/4/1991 Regina Kee
Moorhead, Scott Adams County in World War II 3/26/1993 Dan Gallucci
Moran, Edith World War II 3/19/2009 Alex Stockdale
Morris, V. Dixon Making a Life 10/28/2005 Jonathan Lore
Morton, Willie World War II 10/22/1999 Peter Stunz
Mott, Kenneth Gettysburg College in the 1960s 9/29/1990 Adele Walker
Mott, Kenneth Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/12/1993 Neal Duffy
Mott, Kenneth Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/22/2001 Justin L. Marple
Mott, Kenneth Making a Life/Gettysburg History 4/11/2011 James Beck
Moyer, Anna Jane Gettysburg College in the 1960s 11/3/1993 Isabelle P. D. Pope
Moyer, Anna Jane Gettysburg College in the 1960s 9/28/1990 Julia Byrns
Moyer, Anna Jane Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/30/2001 Andrea Green
Moyer, Anna Jane Charles Glassick 3/23/2002 Katie Orlando
Moyer, Anna Jane Making a Life/Gettysburg College 4/28/2011 Lauren Roedner
Moyer, Milton World War II 3/30/2010 Tripp Lyons
Moyer, Stewart H. World War II 3/21/2001 Gerrit L. Blauvelt
Mudd, Samuel 1960s-70s 4/4/2000 Earl Redding
Mudd, Samuel Robert Fortenbaugh 10/27/1994 Robert Sullivan
Mudd, Samuel Hanson Era, 1950s 10/27/1992 Karri Benoit
Mudd, Samuel Gettysburg College in the 1960s 10/2/1990 Brian L. McGlynn
Mudd, Samuel Gettysburg College ca. 1967-1972 4/17/1997 Joe Wood
Mulkey, Tom World War II 10/25/2006 Anthony Rea
Mummert, Francis World War II 10/31/2002 Corey Allen
Mummert, William G Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/9/1993 Brian Reigel
Mumper, Mary Jane Abdel R. Wentz 4/23/1996 Carrie Steele
Murphy, John A. Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/12/1993 Paul Puglisi
Murphy, John A. World War II Homefront 10/28/2004 Joseph S. Valerio
Murphy, William World War II 3/20/2007 Lindsey Shafer
Murphy, William H. World War II 10/20/2006 Steven Nelson
Muschamp, George Making a Life 10/18/1998 Eliza Herman
Muschamp, George Gettysburg in the 1960s 10/29/2001 Sean Fleming
Muschamp, George Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/18/2005 Valerie Werse
Muschamp, George Making a Life/Gettysburg College 4/5/2011 Melanie Hankins
Musselman, Robert World War II 3/3/2004 William Halstead
Myers, Charles D. Jr. Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/15/2005 Joseph Gasparro

Myers, Frank Clayton

World War II 3/31/2009 Nicholas Cala
Myers, James P. 1960-70s 3/14/2000 Juniper Day
Myers, James P. Making a Life/Gettysburg College 4/5/2011 Brad Miller
Myers, Ross Adams County in World War II 3/1/1993 Paul Puglisi
Myers, William Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/26/1991 M. Hunter Davis
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