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Interviewee Subject Date Interviewer
Radford-Wedemeyer, Margaret-Ann 1960s-70s 3/23/2000 Lauren Cooner
Railing, Jennifer M. Making a Life/Gettysburg College 4/5/2011 Chris Moore
Railing, William F. Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/12/1993 David Stosser
Railing, William F. Making a Life 10/28/1997 Russell N. Dunyak
Railing, William F. World War II Home Front 3/16/1998 Alan Griffin
Railing, William F. Charles Glassick 3/22/2002 Jared Rousseau
Rainbow, Ab World War II 4/5/1999 Jeff Johnson
Ramer, M. Louise Adams County in World War II 3/11/1993 Laura Sundstrom
Ramsey, Julie Making a Life 10/30/1997 Lauren Cooney
Ramsey, Julie Charles Glassick 3/28/2002 Leigh Dennington
Rawleigh, Michael Making a Life 10/28/1997 Karin Olmsted
Rawleigh, Michael Making a Life 10/25/2005 & 10/27/2005 Matthew Dempsey
Ray, Florence World War II 11/1/1999 Megan Byrnes
Rebert, Stanley and Evelyn Lincoln Highway 10/21/2000 Terrence Callahan
Reese, Al World War II 3/27/2006 Jameson Calitri
Reider, Ray Gettysburg in the 1960s 10/29/2001 Chris Hofman
Reider, Ray Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/17/1991 Chris Gold
Reinhart, Kenneth Jr. World War II 10/19/2004 Kimberly Surber
Reinhert, Linwood World War II 3/17/2007 Kevin Schaeffer
Remlinger, Charles A. World War II 3/18/2006 Daniel Scotto
Rewwer, Gus and June Germany in World War II 10/29/2004 Stephanie L. Hafer
Reynolds, Robert World War II Summer 2000 Michael Birkner
Reynolds, Robert World War II 10/18/2004 Michael Kuehn
Rhoads, Patricia S. World War II 4/3/2010 Alex Ferraro
Rice, David Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/16/1993 Madeline Yates
Rice, Muriel World War II 3/28/1999 Christina Dickert
Richardson, Nancy Robert Fortenbaugh 10/28/1994 Kathleen Kyne
Rickert, Gail Ann Making a Life 10/30/2005 Sarah Hammell
Riley, Charles K. World War II 10/24/2002 Nicholas Stahle
Riley, Martha Bockoven Gettysburg College in the 1960's 10/25/1993 Dawn Leidich
Riley, Robert World War II 3/23/2001 Christopher Loomis
Riley, Larraine World War II Home Front 5/2/1995 Danielle Paglucci
Riley, Wallace Anthony World War II 11/3/2001 George Wolf Riley, Jr.
Ritterson, Michael Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/5/1993 Kristin Dreazen.
Ritterson, Michael Gettysburg College ca. 1967-1972 3/21/1997 Daniel Worley
Ritterson, Michael Charles Glassick 3/27/2002 Daniel Mullarkey
Ritterson, Michael Making a Life 10/28/2005 Jeff Parkinson
Robert, Suzanne World War II 3/26/2007 Joseph Osborne
Rohrbaugh, Elwood World War II 3/27/2001 Jonathan Slippen
Romano, Mary Women in World War II 11/7/1992 Cristin Valiant
Rood, Kathrine Kressman Taylor
History of Gettysburg College 12/6/1993 David Hedrick
Rosenbach, William Vietnam and/or the 1960s 11/3/1993 Steven Kachadorian
Rosenbach, William E. Making a Life/Gettysburg College 3/11/2005 Adam Calabro
Ross, Helen T. Women in World War II 10/31/1992 Marsha Hoffman
Rowland, Alex Gettysburg College in the 1960s 9/27/1990 Sandra Egan
Rowland, Alex Hanson Era, 1950s 11/9/1992 Andrea Rosen
Rowland, Alex Robert Fortenbaugh 11/1/1994 Michael Karpyn
Rowland, Alex Gettysburg College in the 1950s 10/19/1991 Wm. Keczkemethy
Royce, Stuart World War II 4/15/2010 Marianne Royce
Ruth, Clara World War II 10/24/2010 Katelyn Stauffer
Rutherford, John World War II 3/30/2010 Samantha Yeider
Ruths, Arthur L. Lutheran Theological Seminary 10/31/2000 Kevin Luy
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