Council Committees

Chair of the Council -- Amy Donahue

•  Organizes and facilitates monthly Council meetings and spring all-campus meeting, sets agendas.

Secretary -- Kim Breighner

•  Records and distributes monthly and special Council minutes and organizes New Employee Outreach Program.

Treasurer -- Sue Holz

•  Monitors the Council's budget and manages the Support Staff Development Grant Program.

Training and Development Committee
Nick Heller
Renee Weikert

•  Organizes monthly brown bag lunches for campus community.

Employee Relations Committee
Elaine McCauslin
Becky Best
Matt Snell

•  Organizes Support Staff Picnic held in June.
•  Assists HR with organization of President's Reception for support staff by suggesting menus, creating/sending invitations, scheduling entertainment, coordinating honorees and retirees, purchasing service awards, etc.

Communications Committee
Wendee Dunlap

•  Communicates Council events to campus community and maintains Council website.
•  Organizes committee members in the publishing of the Support Staff Newsletter, PILLARS.