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Alumni Profile: Margaret Coon '14

MargaretCoonI wondered how my degree in sociology would benefit me in the real world, and I have to admit, there is no way I would be successful in my current position at a global HR/Finance company without the skills I acquired from my time spent studying sociology. The professors I had and the courses I took exposed me to the value and importance of being an engaging, and personable individual and employee.  I work with a diverse group of people every single day.   Because of my sociological background, I have been able to develop meaningful relationships with these individuals that open my network to endless possibilities.  If I had one piece of advice to give to any undergraduates unsure of their life after Gettysburg, it would be, don’t worry…you will be fine! Cheers!

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There’s something about modesty that speaks louder than self-promotion ever could. In conversation, Cheery Huang ’17 speaks humbly of her accomplishments—though her enthusiasm and passion for sociological research and Latin American culture are undeniable.

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    Prof. Gill's “Theories of Social Change” class tours the Harley-Davidson factory to assess theories for organizing work in the US today.

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