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The study of history challenges students to explore a variety of sources as they gain a greater understanding of the past. The College's expansive history curriculum spans a wide range of periods and developments around the world.

History is offered as both a major and a minor.

Gettysburg College also offers a Civil War Era Studies minor and a variety of special student opportunities unique to the History Department.

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Joe Tucker ’03 works abroad

Joe Tucker '03Academic focus: History major
Location: Juba, South Sudan (formerly Belfast, Northern Ireland and Sudan)
Job: Policy & Research Advisor in the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs in the Government of South Sudan

Tucker (pictured above, left) received his M.A. in Comparative Ethnic Conflict from the School of Politics and International Studies at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. He then moved to D.C. to take an internship at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), eventually securing a job with their Africa program to manage the Sudan grants program. He started working abroad in 2008, first for the International Republican Institute and then in several roles for the Department of State – all in Sudan. Tucker returned to NED for a visiting fellowship in 2013, and landed his current job later that year.

“My economics and history professors at Gettysburg were extremely supportive,” Tucker said. “They encouraged my academic work on African history and politics, and convinced me that I could continue these interests after school; encouraged me to explore those topics that were seemingly obscure and off the beaten path; and instilled in me the qualities of strong writing, research, and analysis skills that led directly to my success at Gettysburg and beyond.”

Faculty Spotlight

Prof. Scott Hancock on Living with the Confederate Flag in our Gettysburg neighborhood in a Medium post.

Living with the Confederate Flag in our Gettysburg neighborhood