What makes a Gettysburg education consequential?

At Gettysburg College, we promise every student A Consequential Education. It is an education that will give you greater insight into who you are, what you want to accomplish, and how you will define and lead your own consequential life.

What makes our Gettysburg education consequential? It is three key attributes:

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1. Our People

Gettysburg College is a place defined by the lifelong partnerships that form here.

From the moment you step onto campus, our faculty embrace you as a contributing colleague. They will challenge you, support you, and help you to realize your goals, in whatever field you choose to pursue.

At Gettysburg, you belong to a global network of 32,000 alumni who are motivated to help you build a dynamic and fulfilling career.

They will open doors for you to land internships and professional job opportunities at many of the world’s most acclaimed organizations. They want to see you succeed and make an impact in a way that is personally meaningful to you.


Above all, as a Gettysburgian, you will be surrounded by a community that believes in you. The confidence we have in you to Do Great Work, in turn inspires that great work.

As a member of this community, you’ll not only grow as a student, you’ll also discover how to use what you’ve learned to build a better world. This matters enormously to us.

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2. Our Place

If you really want to change the world, study in a place that changed it.

What happened at Gettysburg shaped the course of American democracy and, with it, the future of this nation and society.

Here, upon our picturesque campus, you will live and learn in the echo of President Lincoln’s enduring words.

We dedicate ourselves to the “unfinished work” that he personally charged us to complete. It’s what drives us as Gettysburgians.

At Gettysburg College, our past empowers our future. We don’t stand by. We step forward and leverage our proximity to major cities of influence—like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and our state capital of Harrisburg—to advance the new work of our time.

There is no setting that is more inspiring or more ideally situated to inspire change than right here in Gettysburg.

3. Our Approach

Gettysburg College’s distinctive approach to the liberal arts and sciences is focused on the development of the whole student.

Our students are at the heart of all that we do. We don’t just want you to thrive in your first job after graduation, we want you to thrive 40 years into the future—in jobs that haven’t even been dreamt of yet!

Whether you pursue a major in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences, we are intentional about providing you with opportunities to bring your education to life—and helping you to grow into the person you aspire to become.

This occurs through offerings like study abroad, athletics, student-faculty research, career immersion trips, and involvement in any of our marquee programs, such as our Eisenhower Institute, Center for Public Service, Garthwait Leadership Center, and Sunderman Conservatory of Music.

Gettysburg students work hard. Really hard. In return, you will gain the grit to overcome and the gift to make connections across disciplines that others can’t see—all so you can tackle problems that others can’t solve.

It is our unique blend of classroom learning and real-world application that equips you with a mindset and skillset that endures. A Gettysburg education truly is timeless.

Gettysburg College is like nowhere else

Our people. Our place. Our approach.

These three attributes form A Consequential Education.

While many colleges may seek to claim one or even two of these attributes, no other institution in the world can claim all three. This special combination is found only at Gettysburg.

Our Consequential Education will enrich your mind, deepen your heart, and strengthen your capacity to act.

This is our promise to you.

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