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TrattnerCasey Trattner '18, Psychology Major & MEIS Minor
Study Abroad Destination: Rome, Italy
Casey Trattner ’18, one of thirteen current students to be published in The Cupola series, wrote a final paper exploring Muslim women as depicted in American entertainment media, through the scope of a comic book series.
“For our final research paper, we had the option of choosing any topic we found interesting under the umbrella of women in the Muslim world,” said Trattner. “I’m a huge comic fan, so I decided to write my paper on Kamala Khan, Marvel's first Muslim character to headline a comic book.  “I feel like in a world where a lot of people find differentiation between Muslims and Americans, Kamala Khan is very important, and hopefully she'll start a movement for the representation of, not only Muslims, but more specifically for Muslim women in the entertainment world.”

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