9 facts about Gettysburg’s new virtual dissection tables

The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced 3D interactive dissection table in the medical world today—and Gettysburg College is getting two of them.

The state-of-the-art tables will arrive on campus this summer thanks to generous gifts from Gettysburg alumni Ray Truex Jr. ’63, P’94, retired spine and brain neurosurgeon and a medical director at the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and Gail Seygal ’67, a retired occupational therapy coordinator.

Check out how Gettysburg College’s new Anatomage Tables will embolden student discovery and revolutionize our classroom experience:

  1. Our innovative tables allow students to virtually explore full-sized human bodies in a way once only accessible through traditional cadaver dissection.Anatomage table and students
  1. With a simple swipe of their finger, students can rotate a simulated patient 360 degrees and dissect in any direction—and at any depth—to reveal anatomical features in vivid detail.Anatomage table
  1. Students can visualize beating hearts and respiration, and they can even zoom-in to view structures as small as nerves and blood vessels.View in Anatomage table
  1. Our Anatomage Tables offer more than 20 high-resolution regional anatomy cases, and more than 1,000 pathological examples for students to explore—providing a lab experience they typically wouldn’t receive until medical school.Anatomage table
  1. Interested in becoming a veterinarian? Our tables include full-body cat and dog cadavers based on real tissue data, as well as 150 other CT scans of various animal species.Anatomage table view
  2. The tables can also be used as radiology workstations, a tool for surgical case reviews and comparative analysis, patient consultation, and pioneering medical research.Rib cage in Anatomage table view
  3. Faculty can utilize the tables for labs, lectures, class reviews, and testing.Anatomage table view
  1. In fact, the Anatomage Tables are relied upon for both teaching and assessment at top medical institutions around the globe, including Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and the Mayo Clinic.Anatomage table
  2. Above all else, the cutting-edge technology enhances classroom learning and prepares students for meaningful careers out in world.Anatomage table

Learn more about health sciences at Gettysburg College. For more information on the Anatomage Tables, visit www.anatomage.com.