Alumni Profile: Andeulazia Hughes-Murdock ’18

AndeulaziaAndeulazia Hughes-Murdock ’18 arrived at Gettysburg College with one goal in mind: to become a biology major and apply to medical school after graduation. Yet, four years later, she graduated with a degree in Spanish and Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino studies and shaped her time at Gettysburg serving the local and global communities.

Currently, Hughes-Murdock is working as a quality/regulatory intern at a small biotechnology company, Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx), in Baltimore, Maryland. PGDx works to develop a portfolio of regulated tissue-based and liquid biopsy genomic products for laboratories worldwide. Without a formal science degree, Hughes-Murdock said she must be inquisitive, to figure out what she does not know, and humble enough to know when she should ask for help.

“My success during my internship can mainly be attributed to the skills I developed by being involved and the liberal arts education I received at Gettysburg,” she said. “I love coming into work every day knowing that I am empowering the fight against cancer,” she said.

While it will not be her lifelong career, Hughes-Murdock’s work at PGDx has been a stepping stone in her journey of making a difference in the world. After the conclusion of her internship, she will begin work as a Fulbright scholar, teaching English in Brazil.