Ryan Hass outlines a 21st century strategy to meet the China Challenge

The Eisenhower Institute hosted Ryan Hass, diplomat and former China Director at the National Security Council, in conversation with The Scowcroft Group's Kevin Nealer. In his new book, Stronger: Adapting America’s China Strategy in an Age of Competitive Interdependence, Mr. Hass provides powerful clarity on how to recalibrate U.S.-China relations to avoid the worst case outcome for this great power relationship. The discussion explored how to craft a China policy that advances American interests against the backdrop of changing Chinese global ambitions.

(Stronger with Ryan Hass)
Neither country is going to be able to impose its will on the other, neither country is going to be able to solve these big 21st century challenges alone. We're only going to be able to do it if we find ways to move in the same direction. . . . We're going to be bound together in an interdependent fashion, even as the competition continues to grow." - Ryan Hass

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