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Social Media

Our community came alive on social media when Gettysburg College was featured on “Jeopardy!” and when we celebrated the people who make this place special.

Trivia Time

In March, Gettysburg College was featured on “Jeopardy!” in the U.S. Colleges category: “Nine score and 11 years ago, our fathers brought forth in Pennsylvania this school.”

“That was a clever clue!”
Caitlin Garry ’98 | Facebook

“I was yelling at the screen: Gettysburg! GETTYSBURG!!!!”
Maria Costa P ’19 | Facebook

Impactful Individuals

As the College launched its latest all-alumni survey, our followers shared the names of individuals who made an impact on them:

“I truly appreciate the uniqueness the College provides students to interact directly and easily with faculty. Friends who attended other colleges are often surprised at how much interaction I had with my own professors. The most impactful for me was Prof. Emeritus Gabor Boritt, my faculty advisor, and advisor to the Civil War Club. He not only increased my already significant interest in history, but also helped hone my analytical abilities. Even after college, he provided career advice when I found myself at a crossroads.”
Jonathan Bloom ’89 | LinkedIn

“[Anthropology Profs.] Ben Luley and Kirby Farah’s classes were always ones I looked forward to participating in, and furthermore, I regret only having a single philosophy class with [Philosophy Prof.] Steve Gimbel. Truly irreplaceable experiences.”
Alexi Hawkins ’22 | LinkedIn

The ‘Real Deal’

Gettysburg College Director of International Student Services Brad Lancaster, who is widely known as a “Gettysburg Dad” to the student community, always seeks to create a welcoming environment for international students on campus, from watching the World Cup with them to witnessing Burgburst, an annual student-led cultural event, come to life.

When he traveled to Taiwan after graduating college to teach English, Lancaster, who was featured in the “Humans of Gettysburg” series on Instagram, had gained a newfound intercultural fluency that built his desire to serve as a bridge to fellow citizens of the world.

“Such important work! Thank you!.”
Karen Singley Kishpaugh ’80 | Instagram

“We love Brad!!! Brad makes the College feel welcoming. When I studied at Gettysburg College seven years ago, Brad was the first staff I met and he was incredible during my four years of college: my first SIM card, first Walmart trip in the U.S., first D.C. trips were all organized by Brad and the international student office. Thank you, Brad!!.”
Orange Li ’18 | Instagram

Congratulations to our most recent alumni digital engagement winners!

Over the past six months, these alumni have demonstrated a deep connection to Gettysburg College through their
engagement with College communities on social media. Please join us in thanking them for their support and advocacy.

Noel Baumann ’92,  Bruce Beyer ’75, Mary Folkemer ’68,  William Schiff ’73, and Al Wilkins ’06

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In The Media

President Bob Iuliano

A Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed debated the practice of requiring a college diploma for a career and the response higher education has given to dropping enrollment. President Bob Iuliano commented that colleges need to better explain the value they provide in preparing students for their professional lives. While emphasizing the economic advantages, they also need to instill a “sense of commitment to the common good.”

Prof. Steve Gimbel

Philosophy Prof. Steve Gimbel and Gwydion Suilebhan, a playwright and cultural critic, discussed the late Richard Belzer, a performer and author of conspiracy theory books who died recently at 78. The two explored Belzer’s life and beliefs—that the world could be better if people acknowledged and rebelled against corrupt authority.

Prof. Alecea Standlee

In the Qualitative Sociology Review, sociology Prof. Alecea Standlee demonstrated through her research the extent to which new communication technologies have contributed to a breadth of new sexual and romantic relationships among young adults in the United States, paying particular attention to the consequences of the COVID-19 lockdowns and interviews with college students.

Andrew Dalton ’19

This spring, the new Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum opened its doors to visitors, and Executive Director of the Adams County Historical Society Andrew Dalton ’19 shared its new learning experiences with The Washington Post and HistoryNet.

“Beyond the Battle will push the boundaries of a traditional museum experience to deliver a new perspective of the fight,” Dalton told HistoryNet. “What was it like to live through the battle? To hear Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words? These questions and more will be answered and help visitors expand their knowledge of this remarkable town and its people.”

Prof. Michael Birkner ’72, P’10

A photo of two men discussing

In The Globe and Mail, History Prof. Michael Birkner ’72, P’10 commented on an article detailing the implications of Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s investigations for illegally possessing classified documents within the presidency. He explained that, to everyone’s knowledge, previous presidents never kept classified documents illegally, and Dwight D. Eisenhower was particularly meticulous about his records.

Tracie Potts
Executive Director of the Eisenhower Institute

An image of a student studying

Research shows a significant perception gap between how parents and teachers measure a student’s academic achievement. Executive Director of the Eisenhower Institute Tracie Potts, who serves on the National PTA Board of Directors, is helping bridge that divide through her work with Learning Heroes. In interviews with Boston 25 News and Victoria Advocate, Potts explained grades alone don’t always tell the whole story, and parents need to work with teachers to support their children.

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