The 411 - Troy Datcher ’90

Troy DatcherVP for Sales and Sports marketing at The Clorox Company • Board Member The Clorox Foundation • College Trustee • Political Science major • Black Student Union, Student Senate, Debate Union, WZBT • Linnaean Award, Young Alumni Achievement Award • Lives in Oakland, CA @nascarbrotha (for the fun Troy) @troydatcher (for the corporate Troy)

Most likely found
In a stadium or arena for NBA, NFL, MLB, or boxing events or in Napa with family, friends, and wine.

Listening to
Hip Hop music—it was just becoming mainstream when I was a freshman blasting Run DMC’s Raising Hell album in Stine Hall, and now it is a global influence. One of my closest friends, Dion Liverpool ’93, is a manager for A Tribe Called Quest, so thanks to him I have access behind the scenes to one of my favorite groups.

Today Gettysburg is great(er)
The College is making great strides in diversity and inclusion— the student body is more reflective of the world that we live in today than when I was a student. And I am impressed by the unique opportunities students have, such as the Garthwait Leadership Center, The Eisenhower Institute, and robust study abroad options.

Thanks to the people
Several professors made a lasting impact—political science Profs. Donald Tannenbaum and Shirley Anne Warshaw, just to name a couple. And my brother, Kelvin Datcher ’92. We are closer today because of the experience we had on campus and share as alumni.

Supports Gettysburg because
It is an expression of my gratitude. The lessons I learned through my College experience are keys to my personal and career success. The leadership traits I developed there are the foundation of my leadership approach today. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I know how important it is to have the appropriate resources for the College to remain a relevant first choice for prospective students.

Last seen on campus: February 2018

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