Musselman Library’s Rising Presence on TikTok

Hannah and Mary
Research, Instruction, and Student Success Librarian Hannah Krauss and Scholarly Communications Librarian Mary Elmquist have helped to create a prominent social media presence for Musselman Library.

This is Hannah, and that’s Mary…They’re librarians!

Research, Instruction, and Student Success Librarian Hannah Krauss and Scholarly Communications Librarian Mary Elmquist have developed into influential voices for Musselman Library—both at Gettysburg College and on TikTok.

Krauss’ job entails coordinating the research help desk, teaching library informational sessions, and collaborating with offices and departments. Meanwhile, Elmquist works with students and faculty to broaden the ways in which research and knowledge through open scholarship and open access.

Krauss and Elmquist promote Musselman Library’s services and events, and this past summer, Krauss pitched the idea to create a TikTok account.

“The goal was to make libraries more relatable and let people have a glimpse into what goes on in the library and to show that librarians aren’t just sitting behind a desk shushing people,” Krauss explained.

One viral TikTok posted in January received over 245K views and 80K likes, while their subsequent TikTok a week later earned even higher totals: 330K views, 90K likes, and 700 comments.

Hannah and Mary in front of Musselman Library
In addition to their roles as Research, Instruction, and Student Success Librarian and Scholarly Communications Librarian, Krauss and Elmquist are members of Musselman Library’s marketing team.

“It was definitely a surprise! We knew that since the first video was about textbook affordability and access, students would care, but we didn’t expect the large reaction it got,” Elmquist said. “Overwhelmingly, people have been positive and kind. I think there’s something about libraries that brings out most people’s better nature.”

Despite their rising impact on TikTok, Krauss and Elmquist’s favorite aspects of their jobs involve partnering with students.

“I love working with students at the research help desk. I like watching them go through the process and become more autonomous in their learning,” Krauss said.

“Anything where I get to work with the students and see them grow and learn is my favorite,” Elmquist agreed. “I also love the size of Gettysburg and the fact that I get to know and work with people across campus at all levels. It’s such a collaborative community with loads of opportunities to work with and learn from everyone on campus—from students and faculty to administrators and support staff.”

To see more of Musselman Library’s social media campaigns, follow them on TikTok: @gburgcollibrary.

By Laken Franchetti ’24
Photos by Amber Tetmeyer ’27
Posted: 03/08/24

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