An In-Depth Interview with Carol Reardon

Professor Carol Reardon recently completed a seven-part interview with Emerging Civil War on her extensive career as an historian whose work spans genres and eras and brings academic and public history together in fresh and exciting ways. Reardon, who retired from Penn State University as George Winfree Professor of American History, has been serving as an adjunct professor in the CWES program for the past two years. This in-depth interview is an engaging read for anyone interested in what historians do, how they train, and what it means to approach sources with openness and rigor. Passing along the advice given to her early in her career to not be “a one-war wonder,” Reardon discusses the various ways that her scholarship beyond the Civil War era has made her a better historian. She also reflects on the significance of her work outside the classroom and the importance of learning new vocabularies for conversations with different audiences, and provides a window into the kind of source-based analysis she facilitates in her Gettysburg classroom. Read the interview!

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