Conversations from the margins

Fueled by determination and success in navigating her experience as a first-generation Latina college student, Emily Vega ’19 created her own major—Conversations from the Margins—which focuses on the personal narratives and multimedia public representations of marginalized communities.

“The narratives of marginalized communities are studied across many disciplines, including English; Africana studies; women, gender, and sexuality studies; and sociology,” Vega said. “While I valued the opportunity to take classes in each department, I realized that my own academic interests would require me to put these classes into conversation with one another in a more intentional way.”

To enhance her interdisciplinary major, Vega spent four months in Morocco working as a student journalist. She traveled across the North African country learning about its history, current events, and people. She wrote stories about those she became friends with, talked to street artists about their murals in the souks, and learned how to make Moroccan meals.

“Being in Morocco pushed me out of my comfort zone, and yet, I loved every second of it,” Vega said. “Between every awkward moment I had due to the language barrier, there were many more moments of laughter, discovery, and growth.”

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