Our Brightest Future

The Summit on the Future inspired attendees to rally around today’s Gettysburg students and deliver on our promise of A Consequential Education.

On Sept. 22-23, 2023, hundreds of key stakeholders,including the college’s greatest champions and philanthropic supporters, gathered at Gettysburg College for the summit on the future—a weekendfull of inspiration, interaction, impact, and learning about the future of the institution and its promise of providing a consequential education to every student. from visiting classrooms and exploring today’s curricular and co-curricularactivities to hearing firsthand accounts of the Gettysburg approach at work, attendees experienced togetherness at every turn.

Student musicians performing
Student musicians perform during a reception inside Bream Gym

“We seek to engage your minds, hearts, and passion toward the ‘unfinished work’ of Gettysburg College. My hope is that this time sparks your curiosity, creates some connection from your experience to that of current students, and catalyzes your energy for learning this weekend.”
Richard Kampert ’10,
Goldman Sachs vice president
in the investment banking division

Vice President for College Life Anne Ehrlich and other members of the President’s Council
Vice President for College Life Anne Ehrlich and other members of the President’s Council address audience questions during a panel discussion about Gettysburg’s Strategic Direction.

“Being here tonight and really seeing such a diverse array of accomplishment, and talent, and really geography across generations of Gettysburgians really underscores to me the power of this place and the significance of the experiences that we’ve all had here that change the trajectory of our lives. While Gettysburg’s small, our impact in the world is outsized.”
Paul Miller
Garthwait Leadership Center director

An alumni looking through the lens
Alumni had the opportunity to look at Gettysburg’s learning experiences through the lens of today’s students.
Students showcase resources that help strengthen the community
Belonging and wellness are key components of the Strategic Direction. Gettysburg offers students a bevy of resources to strengthen the community.
An expert panel of faculty and staff talking about the impact of Gettysburg’s distinctive location on student experiences.
One of the Summit’s opening events featured an expert panel of faculty and staff talking about the impact of Gettysburg’s distinctive location on student experiences.

“One of higher education’s greatest pressure points is the need for colleges to innovate in ways that effectively prepare students to succeed as professionals and citizens while also being authentic to their institutional mission. The Gettysburg Approach has nailed this balance. I’m excited to share this incredible model with other schools around the country.”
Ashely Finley
vice president of research and senior
advisor to the president for the American
Association of Colleges and Universities

The transformative weekend showcased the Gettysburg Approach, which is anchored by core traits displayed by graduates for nearly 200 years—a breadth and depth of knowledge and set of enduring skills. Summit attendees witnessed how the Gettysburg Approach carries on that long tradition of academic excellence while offering new experiential learning opportunities.

Alumni, faculty, and staff gathered inside a transformed Bream Gym
Alumni, faculty, and staff gathered inside a transformed Bream Gym to learn more about the Gettysburg Approach and the unique learning experiences available for students

What sets the Gettysburg Approach apart is its intentional focus on building a network of support and resources for students through Personal Advising Teams and Guided Pathways. Faculty, co-curricular, career advisors, and alumni mentors guide students as they traverse thematic Pathways designed to deepen and practice knowledge and enduring skills.

Andy Hughes, executive director of the Garthwait Leadership Center
Andy Hughes, executive director of the Garthwait Leadership Center, facilitates an open discussion with Summit attendees on Gettysburg’s proactive response to societal changes.

President Bob Iuliano emphasized that, throughout its esteemed history, Gettysburg has responded to change together, utilizing its committed network for support and resources to continue its evolution.

President Bob Iuliano

“Together, we can usher this great College into an inspiring third century. Let us commit tonight to Living Our Promise and making our vision a reality.”
President Bob luliano

President Bob Iuliano, David Brennan ’75, P’00 and Lauren Wise Bright ’90
Former Chair of the Board of Trustees David Brennan ’75, P’00, alongside President Bob Iuliano and current Chair Lauren Wise Bright ’90, was honored for his service and commitment to Gettysburg College.

“Gettysburg is the thread that binds us together. As Gettysburgians, we step forward for one another. I hope this weekend inspired just that. I hope this weekend inspires you to step forward for today’s students and those yet to come.”
Lauren Wise Bright ’90,
Board of Trustees chair

Emily Kreider ’25 and Sara Harenchar Levinson ’09
I’m proud to go to a school that recognizes the importance of increasing access to higher education. None of what I mentioned would have been in my future without your support, your empowerment, and your confidence in me.” said Emily Kreider ’25 (right), recipient of the Sara Harenchar Levinson ’09 (left) Gettysburg Fund Named Scholarship.

20 New Initiatives

At Gettysburg College, we promise every student A Consequential Education—one that gives them greater insight into who they are, what they want to accomplish, and how they will define and lead their own consequential life.

We are committed to bringing this promise to life for today’s students through our new Strategic Direction. Launched last February, Living Our Promise: The Strategic Direction for Gettysburg College has Four Areas of Focus: Academic Excellence, A Transformational and Integrated Student Experience, A Culture of Belonging and Wellness, and Institutional Effectiveness.

While this ambitious vision will be implemented over the next several years, our community is already hard at work to make our Strategic Direction a reality. Explore 20 new initiatives now underway to support the student experience at Gettysburg.

Photos by Abbey Frisco, Kailey White, Jason Minick, Anh Nguyen ’22, May Lonergan ’21, Miranda Harple, Sam Isherwood ’00, and the Gettysburgian.

1 Passed a new core curriculum

2 Established the Donna Jean Brogan Center for Quantitative Learning

3 Developed the Center for Student Success

4 Launched the Guided Pathways

5 Created Personal Advising Teams

6 Increased capacity at the Center for Career Engagement

7 Explored genAI and its emerging influence

8 Expanded the scope of the Eisenhower Institute

9 Prioritized the health and performance of our student-athletes

10 Bolstered International Student Services

11 Created an Art History and Museum Studies Track

12 Introduced a pilot project to mentor and support underrepresented faculty

13 Invested in counseling access and care

14 Deepened commitment to affordable course materials

15 Established the Ann McIlhenny Harward Interdisciplinary Fund for Culture and Music

16 Supported initiatives around belonging and wellness

17 Reimagined student social spaces across campus

18 Graduated first class of MA in American
History students

19 Opened Gettysburg Smoothie Co. in the Jaeger Center

20 Hosted the Summit on the Future

by Corey Jewart
Photography by Casey Martin Photography
Posted: 02/12/24

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