Interim Chief Diversity Officer

President Bob Iuliano announces that Darrien Davenport will serve as Interim Chief Diversity Officer in the office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Dear Members of the Gettysburg College Community,

I am writing to follow up on the announcement regarding Dr. Jeanne Arnold’s remarkable service at the College and her impending departure on June 30. I noted in the announcement that I would speak soon about next steps for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Chief Diversity Officer position.

Effective July 1, Jeanne’s fellow President’s Council member, Darrien Davenport, will serve as Interim Chief Diversity Officer. Darrien, in so many ways, reflects the very best of our College community, as witnessed time and again through his inspiring leadership, enduring commitment to inclusivity and belonging, innovative thinking, and kind-hearted nature. I am deeply grateful for Darrien’s willingness to serve in this interim role, particularly considering how critical this position is for the vibrancy of our campus community and for the aspirations of Gettysburg College into the future.

During this interim period, Darrien will maintain his responsibilities with Human Resources and as Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees. Beginning in July, Monique Gore ’06 will serve as Interim Executive Director for the Office of Multicultural Engagement, overseeing all facets of the area. In addition, Gretchen Natter will begin to supervise Amanda Del Gaudio, our new Director of Gender Equity and LGBTQIA+ Life.

In a September 2020 note to the community, I spoke to a commitment to review our diversity infrastructure:

Over the past several years, the College has taken important steps in establishing a network of offices and programs to work with our diverse communities and to advance our commitment to belonging and inclusion. These offices are an essential means by which we seek to create a vibrant and inclusive community. As this infrastructure continues to mature, it is useful to take a step back and to assess whether it might operate in a more integrated way and—through that—further amplify its support of our underrepresented community.

Although the pandemic and various personnel transitions have caused this assessment to be delayed, I anticipate that it will begin in earnest in the fall. It will involve the engagement of students, faculty, and the broader community. Informed by that assessment and other consultation I will be undertaking, I will come to a judgment about any longer-term structural changes to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and other related offices. That judgment, in turn, will inform the College’s identification of a permanent successor to Dr. Arnold.

Please join me in thanking Darrien, as well as Monique and Gretchen, for their exceptional contributions to the College and for stepping forward for the betterment of our institution during this important transition.

With warm regards,

Bob Iuliano

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