Conversations - Spring 2019

In the news

Two recent science projects gained media attention. Physics Prof. James Puckett’s research on fish and collective behavior, conducted with Aawaz Pokhrel ’19, Pranav Kayastha ’20, and Julia Giannini ’18, was featured in Science Magazine.

Indicating evidence of our changing planet, Biology Prof. Alex Trillo’s research on tropical rainforest frogs in Central America suggested frogs from urban environments, unlike rainforest frogs, can adjust their mating calls to increase their attractiveness and reduce the risk of predation. The research drew attention from prestigious national and international science publications, as well as punchier mentions on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

History lecturer Tom Dombrowsky penned reflections for USA Today about his daughter’s perception of the worst year in history (2018) versus his own (1968). Political Science Prof. Scott Boddery also published a piece entitled “How to turn down political heat on Supreme Court and federal judges: Stop signing opinions.”

Published in the Wall Street Journal were two pieces by Allen C. Guelzo, the Henry R. Luce Professor of the Civil War Era and director of Civil War Era Studies at Gettysburg College: “Emancipation deniers target Lincoln’s reputation” and “America’s disappearing private colleges.” Also in the WSJ: Chair of the Board of Trustees David Brennan’s ’75, P’00 piece, “A second battle of Gettysburg over freedom,” in which he addressed conversation regarding a Gettysburg College yearbook photo. A review of Prof. of Civil War Studies Peter Carmichael’s book, The War for the Common Soldier, also appeared, in addition to Carmichael’s column on the five best books on the Civil War soldier experience.

Global Gettysburg

Peg Murphy-Bright P’10 shared this photo of Captain Murphy A. Bright ’10, USMCR, showing off his Gettysburg pride while deployed in Afghanistan. “As you can see, Gettysburg remains dear to his heart,” she wrote. “Indeed, my son has maintained close ties with his classmates and [Phi Sigma Kappa] fraternity brothers.” Where has your G’burg gear been? Share with us and your photo may appear in an upcoming issue.

And on social media

Several of you reacted to the announcement of Class of 2023 acceptances on Facebook and Instagram.

Ann Ritchie Stuart ’95 said, “Loved my G’burg Years! Best years of my life! [I was] ’95 and my dad [Richard J. Ritchie] was ’64.”

“Congrats to all those who [were] accepted. I remember when I accepted in 2005,” shared Edmund Hardy ’09.

Kevin Fee P’19 said, “I remember pulling up to my house and seeing that orange envelope in my mailbox. I never felt prouder. I called my son [Chase Fee ’19] and he told me to open it. It felt like I was also accepted to go to Gettysburg. Now he will graduate this year—time went by so quickly.”

And from Carlo Testa ’06: “Still one of the happiest days of my life when that envelope arrived. Congratulations to all those accepted!”

While families descended on campus for Get Acquainted Day on April 13, families in Beijing and Shanghai, China (pictured), met fellow Gettysburgians at Accepted Student Receptions abroad.

Gettysburgians expressed excitement and issued warm welcomes to President-elect Robert W. Iuliano and his family following our presidential announcement.

Edward B. Ryder IV ’77 wrote, “Exchanging Cambridge and the Crimson for Central Pennsylvania and the Gettysburgian. Welcome aboard [Presidentelect] Iuliano. I hope that your experience at Gettysburg College will provide you with a lifetime of marvelous memories as it has for me, albeit four decades after the fact. You may have big shoes to fill following Janet Morgan Riggs ’77, and we wish you all the best as you undertake to complete the ‘unfinished work.’ ”

From Jennifer Haase ’93: “Welcome to G’burg! I am a 1993 alumna, and I hope you find the College to be as magical a place as I did (and still do). Gettysburg will forever be home to me.”

“The unfinished work before us. A driving force behind everything I do. I am so thankful for Gettysburg and I hope our new president continues the tradition of instilling in all of us the virtues taught there,” said Edward Charlesworth ’01.

And from Musa S. Collidge-Asad ’89: “G’burg is already considered a ‘small Ivy’ by many in the surprise ‘big Ivy’ is now joining the team. All the best.”

What questions do you have for the president elect? Send them to and your questions, coupled with Iuliano’s responses, may appear in the fall issue of Gettysburg magazine.

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