Connections: Introducing our Loyalty Circle Tri-Chairs

Serving a two-year term, the Loyalty Circle Tri-Chairs are charged with bringing visibility to, and supporting the mission of, the Loyalty Circle recognition society, which celebrates and recognizes alumni, parents, and friends who regularly support the College. Donors are welcomed into the Loyalty Circle following their third consecutive year of giving (current parents are welcomed after their first philanthropic gift to the College). Consistent yearly donors to the Gettysburg Fund, themselves, the Tri-Chairs underscore the importance and significance of giving, explaining how giving back—both financially and in their newly appointed volunteer roles—is an expression of their gratitude for the impact their Gettysburg education has had on each of their lives.

Sherrin Hilburt Baky-Nessler ’65, P’01

Headshot of Sherrin Hilburt Baky-Nessler

“Gettysburg College gave me the knowledge and insight to pursue a rewarding career in the medical field and the tools to achieve enough success to be able to give something back. I have always been grateful for this experience and wanted to continually and routinely support the College’s learning environment to enable current students to realize their goals as well. Such support should be considered a never-ending responsibility for all alumni to ensure Gettysburg College is in the forefront of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation.”

Fergan E. Imbert ’16

Headshot of Fergan E. Imbert

“Having an impact is important to me, and when I give to Gettysburg, I know that I am making a difference. There is strength in numbers, and by giving back each year, I am part of a collective group of alumni who share my belief in the transformative power of a Gettysburg education. My Gettysburg education would not have been possible without the generosity of our alumni community, so giving back each year is my way of ensuring that today’s students have the same positive and life-shaping experiences that I had.”

W. Kent Barnds ’92

Headshot of W. Kent Barnds

“My Gettysburg College experience is central to forming who I am today and what I do for others. The liberal arts education I received helped to broaden my perspectives and instilled in me a greater appreciation for others. At Gettysburg, I gained an understanding of nuance while learning how to process information for myself. The faculty and curriculum helped me to develop the communication skills needed to stand out and the courage to step forward to help solve problems. Giving back to Gettysburg each year is my sincere expression of gratitude.”

Photos by Eric Lee ’15 and Stephen Brown ’17
Posted: 05/03/21