Meet Our Newest Faculty Members

We would like to welcome two of our newest Spanish Department faculty members, Covadonga Arroyo and Melanie Rubio Benítez.

Covadonga Arroyo is from Asturias, Spain, and has a passion for teaching. While in Spain, she received her Bachelor's Degree in English and her Master’s Degree in language teaching. Gettysburg sparked her interest because she has always loved going abroad and exploring new cultures.

“I’ve never declined an opportunity to live an experience abroad. I’ve taken academic courses and summer places in the UK, Poland, Belarus, and a full academic year at the University of Galway. I speak English and I’m currently taking a 300 course of French,” said Arroyo. “I enjoy bringing cultures together and exploring their differences and networking.”

Arroyo has been working at Gettysburg as a Teaching Assistant since August 2018. While at Gettysburg, Arroyo has immensely enjoyed working with students, engaging them in activities such as cooking lessons and Spanish tables. Her activities allow students to practice their Spanish speaking skills and immerse themselves in the culture. She provides students with grammar workshops and speaking classes to give them the opportunity to perfect their Spanish.

Melanie Rubio Benítez is from Granada, Spain. She received her Bachelor's degree in English studies at the University of Granada and completed her master’s degree in language teaching. Benítez is currently in the process of receiving her second master’s degree in Spanish teaching.

Benítez was eager to pursue her teaching passion at Gettysburg after hearing about the Teaching Assistant for the Native Speaker position. She arrived at Gettysburg in the Spring of 2017. In her position as Native speaker, Benítez teaches seven academic courses where she helps students develop their written and oral Spanish speaking skills by creating a supportive atmosphere with hands-on activities to spark the students’ interests. Gettysburg has allowed her to foster the emotional connection students have with the Spanish Language.

“The passion I feel for the Spanish-speaking world; the students' genuineness and willingness to learn and the support I receive from my colleagues, bring out the best in me,” said Benítez.

Benítez and Arroyo have been a great addition and we are excited about their contributions to our department!

By Karla Rivera ’19
Posted: 03/26/19

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