PeopleAdmin Applicant Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply? 

Visit to search for open positions. Click on the position link and the “Apply for this Job” link. NOTE: The application process is not complete until the applicant has certified and submitted their application. Applicants will receive a confirmation email after a successful submission.

Where do I go if I forget my username and/or password?

The “Log In/Create Account” is located on the left navigation bar. Click on “Forgot your username or password?” to gain access to the applicant portal. NOTE:  All first-time applicants will be required to create an account before being guided through the application process.

What if I need an accommodation for filing out an application?

All accommodation requests should be communicated to the Human Resources Office, either by email at by phone to (717) 337-6202.

How long does a position remain open?

All positions will either have a specified close date or the designation “open until filled”. For positions with a hard close date, all applications must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. EST/EDT on the closing date. NOTE: Positions that have the “open until filled” designation are subject to close without warning.

Do I need to submit a resume or cover letter with my application? 

Each position will have a section for required documents. Resume and cover letters are the most common forms of required documents, but not the only ones. Make sure you are reading over the necessary documents before you submit your application. NOTE: Failure to upload required documents may result in the hiring manager considering the application as incomplete.

How do I update my application materials after submission?

After an application is submitted, any pertinent information that was missed must be emailed to If the position is still open, the information will be shared with the hiring manager. NOTE: No additional information will be accepted after a position is closed.

What happens after I submit my application?

When an applicant applies for a position and has met the requirements for the position, their application will be sent by the search chair to the search committee for review. NOTE: Applicants may review the status of their application on the HR Employment Opportunities website.

How long does my applicant profile remain in the system? 

Your online applicant profile will remain in the system for at least one year from the application date. NOTE: If you are submitting multiple applications, this date may vary.

Can I still apply if I have a criminal conviction on my record? 

A criminal conviction does not in and of itself prevent you from being employed by the College. The nature of some convictions, however, may cause certain positions to be unavailable to you. The College will conduct a background check on all new employees prior to employment. NOTE: Failure to completely disclose information about a criminal conviction on an employment application or on an authorization form for a background check is considered falsification of the employment application and may result in your not being eligible for employment at the College.

How do I address questions or concerns about the applicant system?

Please submit all questions and concerns about the applicant system and/or process to