Fact Book

The annual Fact Book contains important facts pertaining to the institutional context and characteristics of Gettysburg College. Its primary purpose is to inform the College’s goals, planning, and decision-making. The Office of Institutional Analysis compiles the Fact Book based on data provided by various offices on campus. In the course of a year, updates are made as new information becomes available, mostly during the summer and after the fall census date. The 2022-23 edition of the Fact Book was published on November 15, 2022.

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General Information

This section includes the organizational structures and an overview of the College. The following pages are included: 

  • College Organizational Chart
  • College Committees
  • Committees of the Board of Trustees
  • Profile and Historical Overview
  • Facts in Brief / Quick Facts

Academic Program/Curricular Information

This section contains information on our graduating classes by major and minor, as well as other aspects of our academic program. It includes four pages: 

  • Degrees Awarded by Major
  • Most Popular Majors by Race/Ethnicity
  • Minors Completed by Graduating Class
  • Teacher Certification

High Impact Practices

Find out more about our students’ participation in various high-impact practices. This section includes two pages:

  • Participation in Select High-Impact Learning Experiences
  • Participation Rates in Study Abroad: Domestic Students of Color

Faculty and Staff

This section provides the demographic profiles of our full-time faculty and staff. It contains the following pages:  

  • Full-Time Faculty by Gender and Rank
  • Full-Time Faculty Profile Historical Trends
  • Growth in International and Domestic Diversity of Full-Time Faculty
  • Campus Racial/Ethnic Diversity: Students and Employees (Full-Time Only)
  • Racial/Ethnic Affiliations of College Personnel

Admissions, First-Year Students, and Financial Aid

This section provides information on our first-year enrollment and financial aid. It includes the following pages:

  • Applications, Accepted, and Enrolled
  • Geographical Distribution of First-Year Students
  • Growth in International and Domestic Diversity of the First-Year Class
  • Anticipated Majors of First-Year Students
  • Pell Grant Recipients in the First-Year Cohort
  • Financial Aid Summary Data

Undergraduate Enrollment

Displayed in this section are historical trends on our undergraduate enrollment, including:  

  • Enrollment by Semester and Gender
  • Enrollment by Class and Gender
  • Fall Enrollment 10-Year Trends: Total, On-Campus, and Off-Campus

Retention and Graduation Rates

This section highlights retention and graduation rates of our students, including:

  • Retention and Graduation by Entering Class (Cohort)
  • First-Year Retention Rates by Gender and Race/Ethnicity
  • Six-Year Graduation Rates by Gender and Race/Ethnicity
  • First-Year Retention and Six-Year Graduation Rates of Pell Grant Recipients
  • Cohort Status by the End of Their 6th Year and Time of Voluntary Withdrawals
  • Graduation Rates of Student-Athletes

Undergraduate Student Body Demographics

Learn more about our undergraduate profile, including:

  • Geographical Distribution of Domestic Students
  • Geographical Distribution of International Students
  • Female and Male Students in the Student Body
  • In-State, Out-of-State, and International
  • Religious Distribution of All Students
  • Race/Ethnicity of the Student Body
  • Growth in International and Domestic Diversity of the Student Body

Co-Curricular Information

What % of our students participate in Greek life? Athletics? This section includes two pages: 

  • Greek Social Organizations and Membership
  • Intercollegiate Records and Participation

Alumni and Outcomes

This section highlights select outcomes of our alumni. It includes the following pages: 

  • One-Year-Out Alumni Career Outcomes/ First Destination Outcomes
  • One-Year-Out Alumni Graduate/Professional School Attendance
  • Career Areas of Alumni
  • Alumni Geographical Distribution
  • Alumni Who Received Research Doctorates: Total, by Broad Field, and Detailed Field (1966-2020)

Financial Information

This section includes four pages which provides information on the financial aspects of our College: 

  • Annual Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board for Full-Time Students
  • Gift Revenues
  • Endowment and Property, Plant, and Equipment
  • Finance History: Net Assets, Revenues and Expenses

Glossary and Additional Notes

This section contains data definitions and important explanations.

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