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The Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is located at 51 W. Stevens Street. They are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached by dialing 6911 from any campus phone or 717-337-6911 from cell or off campus phones. Officers patrol on foot, bicycle and cruiser. Although DPS strives to provide a safe and secure environment on campus, responsibility for safety lies with the individual; no amount of service can offset irresponsible behavior.

The Department of Public Safety provides numerous services to the community. These services include community policing, crime prevention programs, response to medical and other emergencies, courtesy vehicle jump-starts, nightly residence hall security, proactive patrols of campus buildings and grounds, security escorts, special event coverage, National Bike Registry, Operation ID, investigations, lost and found, and Civil War Era weapons storage. (For the purposes of storage, a Civil War Era firearm is described as follows: any original or reproduction smoothbore or rifled barreled rifle or handgun model year 1863 or older that is fired by way of flint and pan or percussion cap or any model year 1863 or older rifle that holds and fires one brass encased bullet at a time.)

Smart-TV use and Viewing Options

The common rooms of over 25 residence halls are equipped with College-provided large screen, internet connected smart-TVs. Each has the ability to view free internet program streams or connect to your service provider using your personal viewing account. Programming channels delivered by satellite are available in some campus viewing areas (e.g. College Union Building). Student-owned streaming devices and smart television flat screens are welcome in the residence halls and must be connected to the wired network. No wirelessly connected TVs are permitted. Please make sure that the television that you bring to campus has an Ethernet jack in the television for this reason. Students must register these devices and they must be secure and compatible with the campus network. Students can also watch or display content from their laptop by connecting it to a College or personally-owned smart-TV using an HDMI cable.

Mail Delivery

The College Post Office, located in the College Union Building, provides postal services as a contract substation of the Gettysburg branch of the U.S. Post Office. Students receive mail Monday through Saturday. Deliveries from UPS and FedEx are also received by the post office. Notices are emailed to students’ Gettysburg e-mail account when mail is being held for a student to pick up. Mail is only delivered to campus mailboxes, not individual residence halls.

Mail should be addressed as shown below:
Campus Box # - 300 N. Washington Street
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA 17325


Ample parking for the Gettysburg College community is available at several sites on campus. The Traffic and Parking Regulations can be found on the College website and copies can be obtained at the Department of Public Safety.

In an effort to cooperate with the Borough of Gettysburg, all College community members are encouraged to park on Gettysburg College property. First-year students are not permitted to have cars on campus unless approved by the Exceptions Committee. Any exception requests for first-year parking must be submitted in writing to Public Safety. All first-year student exceptions are required to park in the Stadium West Parking Lot on Constitution Avenue. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will find parking in Constitution and Stadium lots. There are smaller parking lots in and around the residence halls that are designated for resident parking but require a special permit. Please see the Traffic and Parking Regulations for details.

All parking lots require a Gettysburg College parking permit. Students must annually register their vehicle and display a parking permit within 24-hours of coming to campus. A yearly fee is charged.

Failure to register a vehicle could result in loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year. Parents and other visitors may obtain a visitor parking permit by stopping at the Department of Public Safety or online. Students are not eligible for visitor parking permits. Students are eligible to obtain a temporary permit for a secondary vehicle during the year, but must have paid the parking fee for that semester. Temporary permits will not be permitted during breaks unless the registration fee has been paid.

All paved parking lots have clearly marked parking spaces for maximum efficiency. Please park within those marked spaces. Areas that are not marked for parking are not designed to handle parked vehicles. Students are permitted to receive a total of six parking tickets per academic year before losing their parking privileges.

The Department of Public Safety officers patrol the parking lots daily and enforce parking regulations as much as possible. The overall goal of enforcement measures is to provide a safe environment for the College community. Access to the campus property by emergency vehicles, daily deliveries, contract services, and other service-oriented vehicles are vital to the campus community.

Parking lots are well lit and have emergency phones located at central points throughout campus. The Department of Public Safety provides a safe walk escort service for anyone who prefers not to walk alone after dark.

If you have special needs or a situation regarding parking, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 717-337-6912.

Illness and Injury

Residents who are ill or injured should seek assistance from a residence hall staff member, the Health Center, or Public Safety. If the situation warrants, Public Safety can arrange transportation to the Health Center or the emergency room of Gettysburg Hospital. Students should not transport other students to the hospital. Staff members will assist in notifying other College personnel as needed. Students should monitor themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19 including temperature. If they have any COVID-19 symptoms, they should contact the Health Center.